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15 Interesting Finds At The World Food Expo

Foodies from all over the Philippines are flocking to the SMX Convention Center and World Trade Center for the biggest food event of the year—the World Food Expo (WOFEX). Yes, it’s so big that it had to be split up to two venues, but fret not for there’s a shuttle provided for you to easily access all the booths on both camps!

We’ve done a thorough comb-through of both venues and found a few items that we think might pique your palates. The ultimate food experience will be running until August 4 so that gives you enough time to plan your visit.


The Original Hot Sauce Store


If you’re into all things spicy, no doubt you should drop by this booth. They’ve got so many goodies that can go from tickling your stomach or scorching it, whichever one you’re in the mood for.


The Reaper is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the world’s hottest! Price is steep at close to 2,000 bucks for a bottle of hot sauce, but you’ll probably only need one in your lifetime.


Manila Bambi Foods Company


This festive booth always has a swarm of people tasting their nacho chips, salsa, queso dip and other yummy offerings because not only do they look so inviting, but their flavored chips are fantastic.


They also have these fun colored chips that’ll just brighten up your party or maybe even just your Netflix session if you’re planning on a binge-sesh soon.


Stip’s Chips

Salted egg chips (or anything salted egg for that matter) is one trend that hasn’t died down and will probably be a snacking staple for a while because, hello, why not?


This local brand has made their own version and if you’re just looking to snack while you go around they have a small size that’s perfect for you. They have four variants—salted egg potato chips (original), salted egg potato chips spicy, salted egg fish skin (original), and salted egg fish skin spicy.



If you’re trying to be on the healthier side, you can opt for the things inside this local store for your snacking needs.


While chicharon chocolate might not sound so healthy, it definitely sounds oh-so-yummy.


Super Scoops


Of course there are also really healthy finds there that even vegans and vegetarians can enjoy, like this booth, Super Scoops, that offers vegan-friendly ice cream as well as these super snacks from the Superfood Grocer.




Hamburger patties



Speaking of vegan and vegetarian-friendly, this brand is really making a mark with their delicious non-meat offerings that anyone who has tasted their stuff is left wondering if there’s really no meat in any of them. And for the record, there really is none.


Malagos Chocolate


The Malagos Book of Chocolate just launched yesterday and in it has recipes that show the versatility of the multi-awarded Philippine chocolate.


If you’re looking to try any of them, you can get the Malagos chocolate in their charming booth at the WTC.


The Italian Food Specialists Inc.


Looking to take your wine night up a notch? Well, you might want to enlist the help of these guys as they have premium selections for cheeses, wines, tapas, and other elements that will help give your party that extra posh feeling.

They supply some of the top names in the food and hotel industry such as Shangri-La Mactan Resort & Spa, The Peninsula Manila, Aria, Cyma, and Italiannis just to name a few.



Maharlika Pekin Duck


Peking duck is usually reserved for special occasions, but with this new product you can have it on a more regular basis, like say for Sunday lunches with family.


They also have Duck Tocino and Duck Tapa for breakfast selections.


911 Foods


For the busy body, you won’t need to get stuck with stale crackers in your bag when you’re in a rush. These canned meals are all you need (plus a fork!) on the go.  You can simply open them up and start digging in. The chicken curry is a real treat!

These are 100% local, made and manufactured in Davao city.


The Real California Milk

Their huge booth is hard to miss, especially with all the good freebies they’re giving away like their selection of cheese, soft serve ice cream, and also these frozen goodies from their freezer on the side.


Guri Guri

This Instagrammable drink has no artificial sugar in it as the juice is straight from what’s on the inside! Great refreshment!


Equipt & Co.


Of course there are also other things you can find that are non-food in nature like this booth that sells fancy chef’s aprons and knife bags.



They use sturdy materials that will give any chef that extra boost of confidence knowing that their tools are sporting that classy look without compromising quality.


Baking and Home Depot


This booth stands out with their many pastel-colored baking tools like molds, décor, etc. You don’t have to be a pro baker to appreciate the beautiful things here!



Coffee Lab


For coffee aficionados, there are plenty of booths that cater to your obsession, but this one stands out for its smart coffee maker!



This baby is operated through an app and it gives you recipes as well as vital details of the goings-on with your cup of coffee. The Samantha has a special promo just for the WOFEX.

Fifteen things can’t really sum up the experience of coming to the World Food Expo as there are so much more to see like beautiful baking supplies, new technology, packaging innovations, franchise options and even live demos—not to mention the good prices you can score on some of the things you might need for your business.

So if you’re looking to be amazed this weekend, head over to the WOFEX and be sure to come with an empty stomach.


Photos by Chris Clemente