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30 Years And Running, Chateau 1771 Is Still Going Strong At Its New Home In BGC

The brains behind the Chateau group of restaurants, Chef Vicky Pacheco and CEO Ricky Gutierrez have been business partners for 30 years now, having embarked on their culinary adventure in 1989. In those 30 years, they’ve created a culinary standard of excellence, and a restaurant track record, that would turn most restaurateurs green with envy. Chateau 1771, Sentro 1771, Cafe 1771, and Flatiron 1771 are just four of the food concepts that were created and developed by this ‘Dynamic Duo’. And let’s face it, surviving 30 years in our local food business is no mean feat. 


Ricky Gutierrez and chef Vicky Pacheco of Chateau 1771, Sentro 1771, and Flatiron.

Too often, we go nostalgic over this or that fine-dining establishment we would frequent 10 years or 20 years ago, only to realize that they survived a scant five years, or even less, before closing shop. The mortality rate of eating places in Manila is scary steep, and this season’s favorite can easily disappear in a couple of years. So for the Chateau group to have developed such a loyal clientele, and still continue to find favor with the young, emerging market, is something to marvel at. Whether it’s the Filipino cuisine of Sentro, the ‘no borders’ menu of Chateau, or the hip approach to food that characterizes Flatiron, it would seem that Chef Vicky and Ricky have stumbled upon the right formula and price points for staying in the game. 

When Chateau 1771 in Greenbelt 5 was converted to Sentro, my youngest son, Luca, bewailed the loss of his favorite Chateau dish, the Potence - Beef Tenderloin Flambé that’s done hanger steak style and accompanied by garlic butter French fries and three kinds of sauces. Well, he’ll be overjoyed to know that Chateau 1771 has reopened on the 2nd floor of One Bonifacio High Street in Bonifacio Global City. And you don’t need to ask, their famous Scallops au Gratin is back as well.


Potence, a house specialty - flambé Hanger Steak, served with three sauces and Garlic Butter French Fries.


Scallops au Gratin

The interiors of the new Chateau is spacious and inviting, with an option to dine alfresco in a part of the restaurant that overlooks the driveway of Shangri-La at the Fort. There’s a very classic, even nostalgic feel to the eatery, as it brings back memories of our first fine dining experience.

In another section that interfaces with the mall’s hallways, a juice bar will soon rise—testament to how Chateau’s management is responsive to the needs and inclinations of the younger market that populates the BGC area, and who are into fitness and quick fix, on-the-go health drinks.

One of the starters I got to try for the first time and enjoyed is the Ravioli Primavera, filled with squash and Parmesan, topped by Napolitaine sauce, grilled broccoli, carrots, and zucchini. It’s a ‘spring’ offering that’s both healthy and filling.


The Ravioli Primavera, with roasted squash and parmesan.


For the mains, I would recommend the Mahi-Mahi with Lime Butter Chorizo. It’s firm but tender dorado fish in a sauce that reminds of home cooking and comfort food. The Vanilla Brick Chicken is the one I’d recommend if dining with children or in a big group, as it’s ideal for sharing—baked chicken infused with vanilla bean and complemented by a sauce that intensifies the surprisingly good vanilla influence.


Mahi-mahi with Lime Butter Chorizo


Vanilla Brick Chicken, one of Chef Vicky’s unique creations

And while the Coffee Pie has always been a perennial Chateau dessert fave, for those who like their desserts to possess a modicum of tartness, order the Lemon Meringue Torte. You will love this one, and head home dreaming of the next time you’ll dine at Chateau so you can order this again—it’s that good.


Creme Brûlée and Coffee Pie


Lemon Meringue Torte, a true winner!


If, like my youngest son, you were one of those ‘mourning’ the closing of Chateau 1771 at Greenbelt 5, put a smile back on your face, and head to BGC tout de suite. There’s a new, bigger, and better Chateau in the neighborhood!



2/F One Bonifacio High Street, 5th Avenue corner 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City, (0917) 862-6467,