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Sushi Pizza Is A Thing And This Is Where To Find It In Manila

And it's amazingly good!

Sushi as pizza? Why not? Not only is this possible, but it can be amazingly good. 

Sushi pizza is actually not a new idea. In 1993, Japanese chef Kaoru Ohsada made the first sushi pizza in Toronto. He used a slightly crisp yet chewy rice patty as base, on which he placed sushi toppings. It became so popular that it was recognized as one of the city’s signature dishes. The idea later spread. Here's an example:

Want to try it? You’ll be glad to know that in Manila, sushi pizza is finally available at  360 Degrees,  a startup food business that opened while Manila was in quarantine. It's owned and run by young entrepeneurs Eunice and Jamilah Zoleto, who are 21 and 14 years old, respectively. They started by offering the trendy Sushi Bake and Mini Sushi Tacos. Their latest addition to the menu is the Sushi Slice, which is essentially a sushi pizza, available in three variants. 

The Classic Kani is a hefty and delicious triangle topped with kani and cucumber chunks, with kani filling. The Crunchy Salmon  is filled with premium salmon, topped with crunchy furikake crumbs and bell pepper. And the Ebi Bits has delicious bits of shrimp with premium Japanese mayo and furikake.  

To order, send a message to on IG. Same day delivery to Metro Manila, Cavite and Laguna