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4 New Spins On Ice Cream—From Dairy-Free Delights To Frozen Rolls

You’d think that with all of the flavors there are for ice cream in the world that it would be enough. Apparently, there is a whole slew of trendy styles that are setting out to reignite our excitement for our favorite frozen dessert.


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IG @elaitPH and FB Elait for list of branches

Rolled ice cream has grown in popularity since it showed up on the streets of Thailand back in 2009. It is made by spreading the ice cream thinly over a frozen steel surface, and then scraping into rolls. Elait! is one rolled ice cream worth trying.


Preparing ice cream on the frozen surface


Their stores are deaf friendly, and even employ the hearing impaired. You can try and learn some sign language while waiting for your order.


A sign language guide to help customers communicate with the staff


You first choose your base, whether yogurt or custard, which uses dairy from local farms in Laguna, after which you select your fillings. If you’re not sure what to try first, the Chocnut Dinosaur is a nostalgic flavor filled with Chocnut and Milo powder and drizzled with chocolate. The Strawberry-Mango Cheesecake will win the hearts of fruit lovers.


Strawberry and Mango Cheesecake


Ambassador’s Ice Cream

Level 3, Mega Fashion Mall, SM Megamall and Rustan’s Makati, IG @ambassadorsicecream


If you’re under the misconception that anything vegan lacks flavor or texture, try this vegan brand called Ambassador’s Ice Cream. Brand Manager Kelsey Policarpio wants to change your mind, “Some think that vegan ice cream is boring. We came up with out-of-the-box flavors for Ambassador’s Ice Cream to cater to different palates. Some might think that vegan ice cream is bland just because it doesn’t contain dairy, but we don’t compromise on flavor!”

Flavors like Horchata, Golden Milk (turmeric latte) with Cookie Dough, Mango Biscoff, Pili Whiskey, and Peanut Butter with EVOO are all worthy of attention.


Vegan flavors on display


Flavors like Horchata, Golden Milk (turmeric latte) with Cookie Dough, Mango Biscoff, Pili Whiskey, and Peanut Butter with EVOO are all worthy of attention.


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Mango Biscoff


The ice cream uses a combination of 5 different nut milks as a base to achieve the necessary creamy texture of ice cream. And since each scoop is dairy-free, Ambassador’s Ice Cream considers itself more environment friendly compared to its non-vegan counterparts.


Golden Milk with Cookie Dough


Ice Trolls

SM City North Edsa and other provincial branches, IG @icetrolls_official, FB Ice Trolls Rolled Ice Cream

Ice Trolls is a rolled ice cream shop with a menu full of word play on celebrity names. Think “Choco” Martin (simple rolled chocolate ice cream) or Daniel “Pastillas” (rolled ube ice cream topped with pastillas). For Ferrero Rocher fans, the James “Ferre” Reid is a good option. They mix a good dollop of Nutella with rich chocolate ice cream and spread it out onto their ice pan. The rolls are then topped with a Ferrero Rocher ball, a Kit Kat, and two chocolate Peppero sticks.


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Scraping ice cream into rolls


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James “Ferre” Reid


Shoobie Sorbet

UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City


Shoobie Sorbet is the first ever vegan sorbet in the country, with its first and only branch located in UP Town Center in Quezon City. A sibling of Ambassador’s Ice Cream, this shop specializes in dairy-free, fruit-based sorbets.


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The Shoobie Sorbet stall at UP Town Center


You can try their rotating flavors using real fruits (nothing from concentrate): strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, and cranberry. “We want to challenge how people think that just because something is healthy, it means that it doesn’t taste as good. Our sorbets are really flavorful with our use of berries. It doesn’t contain artificial flavoring which is usually contained in normal soft serve,” says Shoobie Sorbet’s Brand Manager Kelsey Policarpio.


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Blackberry and Strawberry with Chia



Photos by Jar Concengco