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4 New Watering Holes To Explore This January

With December so hectic, and everyone overstressed by traffic and looming deadlines, more and more people are scheduling reunions in January, after the rush. If you’re one of those (we definitely are), why not take your friends somewhere new and fun and exciting? We’re sharing four of our favorite new spots with you.


Taqueria Seta
4988 P. Guanzon St., Poblacion, Makati
IG: taqueriaseta

Chef Ian Padilla (of La Girolle and Brasserie Girolle fame) applies French cooking techniques to Mexican street food, resulting in one of most excellently-rendered Mexican menus in town. The meats, for example, are all perfectly braised, cured or slow cooked in their own juices. The queso fresco is made in house, as are the corn tortillas. And though the kitchen is disciplined, the restaurant vibe is relaxed, fun, wonderfully casual. We highly recommend the queso fondido, an indulgence that’s best shared over a round of cocktails. The sangria is great, too.


16/F Discovery Primea, Ayala Ave, Makati
FB: @discoveryprimeamakati

With its spectacular night view and edgy, sophisticated cocktails, Edge is one of the most pleasurable spots to party. Try one of the signature drinks—perhaps the Noli Me Tangere with its dramatic nuance of smoked wood chips and barrel-aged Bacardi. Have fun with an original mocktail like the Kho San, a frothy coconut drink inspired by tom yum soup. Or settle down with an elegant classic cocktail. Indulge in the excellent bar chow, and chat the night away.


OYE Tapas and Grill
Uptown Mall BGC, Upper Ground Level
FB: @oyetapasandgrill

Oye calls itself a modern tapas bar, but what it really serves is homecooked Spanish dishes rendered as authentically as possible—like the Gambas al Pilpil cooked in cod fish fat (not sizzling oil, as we Pinoys do) with garlic and chili, or the Callos that follows the original Asturian recipe complete with garbanzos, pork hock and pimientos. The cocktails are generous, thirst quenching and addictive. We strongly recommend the Calimotxo, a drink redolent of Basque summer, and the Agua de Valencia made of Valencia oranges and cava.


5658 Don Pedro Street, Poblacion, Makati
Polilya is at 5658 Jacobo St., Poblacion, Makati; 0998-998-2017

Beer and brilliance lie behind the success of this nifty bar in Poblacion, the brainchild of Ian Paradies of Engkanto Brewery. His craft beer is an essential ingredient in the bar chow, giving heft to the Bangla Mussels, for example, and interesting flavor dimension to the gambas al ajillo. Six signature cocktails by mixologist Priscilla Young uses Engkanto beer, too, ranging from the light yet bold frozen shandy made with Engkanto Stout, to the exotic Tigrita where Double IPA plays off the more rare Mexican liquors of tepache and mezcal. To drink and dine here is guaranteed to be a pleasurable adventure.