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5 Healthy Food Delivery Services to Help You Start Off Your Fitness Goals

1. Gourmade by Chef Rob Lau

Gourmade is perhaps one of the best tasting healthy food services out there with a committed following of clients that come back for more. Choose between their Skinny Down, Keto and Pescatarian meal plans, with menus changing every week you’re guaranteed a variety of delicious and healthy meals.



Price range: PHP 2,000- 3,000 for a 5 day meal plan

Instagram: @gourmadebychefrobalau

Contact: /  +63 915 349 8484


2. YesPlate

YesPlate meal plans are based on counting calories instead of eliminating certain food groups. So you can still enjoy meals with carbohydrates, sugars and meat. Depending on your dietary needs they offer 1200, 1500, 1800 and 2000 calorie menus.


Price Range: PHP 1,300 - 2,100 for a 5 day meal plan

Instagram: yesplate

Contact: / +63 917 412 2210


3. PaleoManila

A Paleo diet excludes gluten, dairy, grains and soy. For the past four years PaleoManila has been been the leading delivery service offering the Paleo diet. They have resident nutritionists and chefs who carefully design healthy and delicious meal plans that guarantee to deliver results. They’ve also recently added a ketogenic meal plan to their offerings.

Price Range: PHP 2,370 - 3,950 for a 7 day meal plan

Instagram: paleomanila




4. KetoVegetarian

Ketogenic diets have risen in popularity in the past year which prohibits eating carbohydrates and sugar and instead promotes using fat for energy. One swipe through KetoVegetarian’s Instagram features an array of celebrities who’ve tried their service. For those who want to try a ketogenic diet but not rely on eating too many animal fats or any animal fats at all, KetoVegetarian is the answer.


Price Range: PHP 2,795- 4,700 for a 5 day meal plan

Instagram: ketovegetarianph

Contact: |  +63 927 036 6661


5. VKitchen

VKitchen  a popular vegan meal plan delivery service with weekly changing menus. VKitchen offers meals were all familiar with, from sisig to tacos to desserts all without using any animal products or by products. For those curious about a vegan diet, VKitchen is a good introduction to the vegan lifestyle and proves that you don’t need meat, dairy or eggs to enjoy healthy and delicious food.

Price Range: PHP 3,500 for a 5 day meal plan

Instagram: vkitchen.manila

Contact: +63 927 976 8088