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5 Extra Lethal Hot Sauces Worthy Of International Hot & Spicy Food Day

We celebrate International Hot & Spicy Food Day with these extra hot sauces. 


El Tigre Chili Extract Garlic Flavor

The label of this extra special hot sauce says it all: “Tears of Hotness.” And indeed, El Tigre is hot enough to make you cry, but just as much with pleasure as with pain. All you need are a few drops to get that sharp yet satisfying kick from this blend of siling labuyo, garlic, onions and turmeric. This Davao-based producer gives livelihood to chili farmers that were affected by Typhoon Pablo in 2013, and is supported by the provincial government, the Department of Trade and Industry, the Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Science and Technology.

Available at the Department of Agriculture AMAS, Quezon City Circle 
(0917) 724-0144


Traydor Pirata Matador

The flavor masters of Traydor are well known for their unique hot sauces named after famous “traitors” Mata Hari, Damaso, Judas and Brutus, each offering different flavor profiles ranging from garlicky to spicy sweet to tangy. Their newest variant, Pirata Matador, was developed exclusively for Bar Pintxos to complement its excellent menu of Spanish tapas and Basque pintxos. This Spanish-inflected salsa picante is rich, luxurious, with a bit of char, a hint of sweetness, giving just the right amount of heat so as not to clash with the Spanish flavors on display.

Available at Bar Pintxos, Fairways Tower, 5th Avenue corner McKinley Road, Bonifacio Global City and Gesu Building, Don Jesus Boulevard, Alabang Hills, Cupang, Muntinlupa

Pain is Good Batch 218 Louisiana Style Hot Sauce

This Cajun hot sauce is made of cayenne blended with habanero peppers, a twist on the traditional Cajun hot sauce of cayenne and Tabasco peppers. Just look at the label (with a face scowling in pain) and you know that this sauce is serious about the level of heat. Similar to Tabasco but hotter, this sauce is reminiscent of boiled crayfish, gumbo and shrimp etouffée, but in truth, it can be doused on any kind of food requiring a jolt of heat.

Original Hot Sauce Store, Ayala Malls Serin, Tagaytay, (02) 354-0118, (0917) 587-2550


Garapal Hot Sauce

This local product has true bragging rights as the 2017 World Champion in the Golden Chili/ awards. Made with native siling labuyo sourced from independent farmers, it finds a way to balance heat and flavor for a potent combination. Flavors include Usok (smoked),
Bawang (garlic), Kape-Tsokolate (coffee-chocolate), Original Sigbin (pineapple-passionfruit), and Davao Death Sauce (durian).

Available at Sweatshoppe Chili Foods Store, Heirloom 49-B, Connie’s Kitchen Deli, Gilmore Wines & Spirits, Gold Digger Records, The Smoking Joint, Providore, Coast Boracay


Chili Asylum Spicy Bathala and Spicy Diwata Ketchups

This homegrown, artisan producer loves to innovate with non-traditional ways with chili peppers. Using mostly local ingredients, Isi Laureano conjures pickles, chutneys, jams, ketchups, chilis, salsas, vinegars inflected with a wide variety of chili peppers. Among her most lethal are the Spicy Bathala and Spicy Diwata Ketchups, made from scratch with fresh cherry tomatoes, spices, vinegar, coco sugar, honey, and using different types of the hottest local peppers, known as bhut jolokia or ghost chilies. Ketchup flavors include tomato, banana, strawberry, radish, pineapple or whatever else is in season.

Available at Honestbee, Hey Kessy, The Good Seed, Ultra Super Green, Urban Pantry, Ritual, Kitayama Meat Shop, Real Food, Providore, Sweatshoppe Chili Food Store, Serye, Manila Bake, Fresh Start Organics Bacolod


Join the Philippine Hot Sauce Club!

If you’re a true blue hot sauce aficionado, always in search of new products to try, check out the Philippine Hot Sauce Club which holds regular meetings to share their latest hot sauce finds among like-minded chili heads. A recent get-together yielded a stash that included the highly dangerous White Lady, RSL Chili Garlic Habanero Flakes, Jimlong’s 7 Pot Lava, and Chef Don’s Kitchen Chili Garlic.