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5 Food Resolutions For 2018 We Know We’ll Keep (Fingers Crossed!)

New year, new resolution? Yes, we’ve all been there—we promise to go on a diet, lose weight, avoid sweets. But you and I know that that’s not likely to happen. As February approaches, our resolve slowly dwindles as we find ourselves going for second helpings at the buffet, taking just one more glass of wine, or going on snack attacks between meals. Well, this year, we’re trying a different tactic. Our 2018 resolutions won’t be about sacrifice and deprivation, requiring loads of will power we clearly don’t have. Instead, our resolutions this year are about simply becoming better human beings—connecting more with people, sharing our blessings, keeping an open mind, and yes, even saving the world—all through our love of food.

1. Be mindful about wasting food

Photo by Paulo Valenzuela

Did you know that around 30% of all the food grown in the world goes to waste according to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization? With the specter of climate change hanging over our heads, I resolve to do whatever I can to reduce, reuse, recycle to minimize our carbon footprint. That means simply buying only what we can consume, using reusable containers for baon, opting for eco bags instead of plastic, and simply sharing our bounty with those in need. You can check out and for useful tips on how to help save our world one bite at a time.

-- Nana Ozaeta

2. Make time for more bonding moments with friends

Life is so busy that it’s a nightmare gathering friends for a get together. I noticed that there are friends I haven't seen in too long a time. So this year, I accept that it's not always possible to have the complete barkada, but I will schedule lunches or dinners with rarely-seen friends—even just one or two at a time. I think that having alone time with a friend is even more intimate than being with the entire group, so this will be special. 

-- Troy Barrios


3. Shop local when you can

Photo by Jar Concengco

While you can’t take away my love for French cheeses, sashimi flown in from Japan, or jamón ibérico from Spain, I also love in equal measure food that’s 100% grown and produced in the Philippines. A simple decision to pick up a bar of Davao chocolate or a liter of fresh cow’s milk from a local farm means supporting our farmers and fisherfolk, many of whom struggle to make a decent living. Thankfully, there are lots of local quality food products to choose from. Check out

to find out where you can source them.

-- Nana Ozaeta


4. Explore new flavors and cuisines with kids

Photo courtesy of Working Mom magazine

When I was young, my father would take me out on a dad-and-daughter date, which was very special to me and was such an important learning experience. So now that some of my nephews and nieces are old enough, I want to start taking them out on little “dates” and start exposing them to new kinds of food and dining experiences. I'm going to enjoy every moment of it. 

-- Troy Barrios


5. Eat healthy, at least part of the time

Photo by Paul del Rosario

My dilemma always is, I want to eat healthy, but why is unhealthy food always the most irresistible? This year, let's just admit that diets do not work for me. Instead, I'll take a page from Lori Baltazar's 70-30 rule (70% healthy, 30% binge). I'll even start slow and set it at 60-40. Let's see how this works out. 

-- Troy Barrios