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5 Snacking Spots In Greenhills Everyone Should Rediscover

When someone says ‘shopping’, my mind automatically goes to Greenhills, and with good reason. It’s been the go-to shopping center for cheap finds since us Xennials were kids. I remember when there was still a vast space across Shoppesville that served as the parking lot dividing the mall and a strip of restaurants that included my family’s favorite, Goodies N’ Sweets. They served the best apple pie à la mode, complete with butterscotch on the side.

Now, it’s a super complex with multi-level parking and all that jazz. But even so, Greenhills hasn’t lost its charm. It still has a lot of vintage at its heart with shops like Regina’s, Jeb’s, and of course the year-round tiangge right at its center. But competing alongside the trendy restaurants are the tried-and-tested snacking hubs that are perfect for when we’re marathon shopping.

Here are a few that everyone needs to visit every time they’re in GH.




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It’s still one of the best tacos in town. Although it appears to have shrunk in size over the years (or my appetite just grew), the taco shell on this one still retains its original taste and texture that goes so well with all the ground beef goodies, cheese, and salsa that fall to the sides when you take that massive bite.

They offer more than just tacos too, like this scrumptious heap of nachos!



And their chili cheese dogs.



Chocfull of Nuts

If you frequented Regina’s when you were a kid (or maybe even as an adult), then you probably know the chockfull of goodness that’s right around the corner from the little shop. Chocfull of Nuts was the OG of snacks back in the day.



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They have a cuapao that’s to-die-for in its softness. And the taste is always perfect! There’s none like it to this day. In addition to that are of course their siomai, lumpia, and for a smooth finale, their taisan slice.


Baker’s Fair

Their diced mongo hopia is the BEST hopia there is. Not just in Greenhills, but I dare say the Philippines. It’s always served fresh off the griddle so you get it warm and moist on the inside, but oh-so flaky and crusty on the outside.



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The smell alone will lead you to the small corner it occupies right on the tiangge floor. You can opt to buy per piece instead of a box, but keeping it real, why would you do that to yourself? The size is perfect for eating while walking the crowded aisles.


Le Ching

It’s always best to start your shopping on a full stomach. That way, you’ll feel like you’re burning fat as fast as you’re burning money. Seriously though, it’s a great idea to stop by Le Ching (or Le Ching Too) as soon as you get to GH.



The fan favorites include the spareribs rice, asado rice, and their noodle soups. If you’re more of a dimsum type, be sure to get a round of siomai, radish cake, and beancurd roll.





This grocery has a lot of Asian snacks and goodies that you might not find elsewhere. Like a butong-pakwan opener. But aside from that, they also have dimsum selections that you can eat on the spot or buy in to-go packs to bring home for later consumption.




Don't you just love this soft, sweet Buchi? We know you want to! ??

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