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5 Summer-Ready Wines You’ll Love To Drink In The Heat

Summer in the Philippines is notorious for being what I lovingly call a “hot mess”—sweltering days with temperatures rising, meriting air-conditioned rooms or a visit to the nearby beach (of which we have an abundance).

Personally, beating the heat is better with what I like to call summer-ready wines. I tend to describe the style of these wines as refreshing, and most of these require chilling.

It seems simple enough to stick to white wine, but there are actually a lot of options out there. In fact, to keep things interesting, I decided to picture specific personality types and match them with a summer-ready wine they’re sure to love. So start filling up your ice bucket with the following wines primed for the hot weather:


The Hot and the Elegant: White Wine

Martin Códax Albariño, Zonin 20 Ventiterre Pinot Grigio, Kapuka Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc


I specifically recommend crisp, acidic wines on a hot day. Acidic whites tend to benefit from a lot of chilling and their light texture lends to the thirst quenching attributes of the wine. My must-haves include Sauvignon Blanc (I’m partial to the aromatic Marlborough New Zealand style to keep it interesting); Italian Pinot Grigio; and Spanish Albariño. Bonus: they’re equally amazing when served as aperitifs.


The Summertime Foodie: Rosé

Gérard Bertrand Gris Blanc


People who know me are aware of my passion for trying to make rosé a thing in the Philippines. It’s a fail-safe wine to pair with most of our food and, when correctly chilled, it’s amazing for the heat. I’m not alone—rosés are a summer wine in some parts of the world, a classic region being France. I love their delicious, salmon colored Provence style.


The Beach/Poolside Reveler: Sparkling Wine

Vilarnau Brut Reserva Cava, Leogate Estate Libertine Rouge Frizzante


Nothing says a good (beach!) party than sparkling wine. It doesn’t need to be pricey Champagne too. Spanish Cava, or even a Prosecco, can serve as great alternatives. There are also rosé versions for something pink and chic. Tip: If the bottle is taking too long to cool down, put the (still closed) sparkling wine bottle in a bucket filled a third of the way with water and another third with ice, and then add salt to cool the wine faster. Another trick I learned from a documentary (which would maximize one’s proximity to the beach) is to submerge the bottle securely in a shady, cold part of the water in the morning. The wine should be ready right before noon.


The Rebellious Globetrotter: Sparkling Shiraz

I thought that this style is best separated from the sparkling wines because it’s quite uncommon for being a red. This style is specifically designed for those who insist on imbibing a red wine but are against drinking a glass in the heat. It is famous in Australia, and Hunter Valley (a stone’s throw away from Sydney) has made an industry out of these. It’s very summery as it pairs very well with barbecue.


The Suave Summer Adventurer: Palomino Sherry

Tio Pepe Palomino Fino Jerez Xéres Sherry


This might seem an unusual choice for a few reasons. Palomino Sherry is classified as a Spanish fortified wine. It’s very dry, nutty, and a little briny, which makes it seem like an acquired taste. Served ice-cold, however, it’s an excellent substitute for martinis. It’s also great as a cool rebujito (2 parts Fino Sherry in a glass full of ice with slices of lime, topped with lemon soda, soda water, or tonic water for the more adventurous). Either way, it’s delicious with Spanish jamón, olives, or boquerones.



Photos by Gail Sotelo


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