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9 Hottest Of The Hot Sauce Picks From The Philippine Hot Sauce Club Party



Imagine hundreds of hot sauces for the tasting, the stronger the kick the better. That was the scene at the recent Hot Stuff Vol. 3 Party organized by the Philippine Hot Sauce Club at Tomato Kick in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. While the main event was the hot sauce buffet featuring 200+ hot sauces from around the world brought by club members, the party also featured a bazaar where artisan producers got to show off their chili products, all produced using locally grown chili peppers. We happily burned our tongues tasting the various hot sauces, chili pastes, chili-spiked crackers, chili vinegars, chili flakes, and more, and came away with nine great picks—from pleasantly mild to downright deadly—that’ll get you started on your hot sauce journey. Indeed, the hot sauce scene in the Philippines is alive and kicking, and we’re looking forward to tasting each and every one along the way.


Jimlong’s Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce

Likely one of the hottest hot sauces on sale that day, this truly lethal sauce is spiked with the Carolina Reaper, once the world’s hottest pepper (beaten by Pepper X in 2017). Due to the pepper’s very limited supply (which Jimlong’s sources from a local farmer), this hot sauce is a rare but essential find. Make sure to grab a bottle the moment you see it on sale.

FB: @jimlongschilisauces
IG: @jimlongschili


Garapal Kape Tsokolate Hot Sauce

This 100% homegrown hot sauce has the distinction of winning the prestigious 2017 Golden Chile Award in the Hot Sauce: Medium (Consumer Ready) category at ZestFest in Texas. Made with native labuyo, this hot sauce offers a rich labuyo-spiked chocolate flavor that pairs well with roasts and steaks. Or try its other variants: the smoky Usok or the garlicky Bawang.

FB and IG: @garapalhotsauce


Epics Spice The Mad Hotter

For something out of the ordinary, try this spicy-sweet dessert hot sauce you’ll want to pour over all your cake and ice cream. Chili, chocolate, and a distinct banana flavor make this hot sauce a keeper.

FB: @madepicspice
IG: @epicspicemad


Casa Lontoc Habanero Chili Garlic

Chili garlic sauces are a dime a dozen. That’s why this one is pretty unique, a bit spicier than usual thanks to the habanero, and with added heft thanks to the black beans. We’ll use this on anything and everything, as a dip or seasoning.

FB: @casalontoc


Mother Tongue Mushroom Chili Sauce


Mushroom and chili combined work wonders to provide a rich, earthy dimension to a typical hot sauce, plus the mushroom bits add a welcome bite. With just the right amount of heat, it can be slathered on fried or roasted meats, or yes, even eaten plain with white rice. Aside from the Original variant, this chili sauce also comes in Tamarind, and Kamias with Ginger flavors, for extra tanginess.

FB: @mothertongueph


Hanghanghang Chili-Cajun Salsa

Your nachos or chips are clamoring for this smoky-spicy salsa mixed with Cajun spices and tomato relish. Moderate in spice, but full of flavor, it’s a great alternative to the more commercial imported salsa brands, and it works great as a rub, too.

FB: @hanghanghangchili, @death_by_chili
IG: @deathbychili


Chili Asylum Cilantro Chimichurri

This homegrown producer has made a name for itself for its unique chili concoctions, from sauces to ketchups to pickles. Refreshingly mild, the bestselling Cilantro Chimichurri will become a staple on your table to be doused on grilled meats, seafood, and anything that needs a tangy, spicy, sour kick.

FB and IG: @chiliasylum


RSL Chili Garlic Habanero

RSL’s popular crispy chili flakes get even spicier with this special version spiked with habanero pepper flakes. You can use it to season your stir-fries or stews, or top it on grilled meats or veggies. But perhaps the most satisfying way to enjoy these chili flakes is to simply sprinkle it on your steaming hot rice.

FB and IG: @rslchiligarlic


Basimatsi Labuyo Cervesa

A vinegar is not just a vinegar. When seasoned with garlic, onions, tomatoes, and yes, chili peppers, it transforms into a more complex flavor agent, like this beer-tinged Labuyo Cervesa vinegar that can amp up your usual sawsawan or dipping sauce. Other vinegar variants include the regular Suka Toyomansi, ginger-laden Sinalabat, sweetish Minatamis, and smoky Pinausukan.

FB and IG: @kitchen_witchery



“Hot Sauce Saturday” is the next Philippine Hot Sauce Club event happening March 17, 11 am to midnight, at Malingap Central Food Hall, Malingap Street, Teacher’s Village, Quezon City. Visit Philippine Hot Sauce Club on Facebook for more details.