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Take This Basic Refresher To Better Appreciate The Most Popular Espresso Drinks

Coffee, like wine, can be a little intimidating, especially when you’re talking to a connoisseur with a distinguished and educated palate. But don’t fret. From beans to cups and all its nuanced flavors, all of these can fortunately be learned.


Essentially, when it comes to coffee, it’s a mere – yet studied - balance of three things: espresso, steamed milk and foam within the beverage.

Here we break down what makes each cup different.



Espresso, also ordered as a “short black,” is the most basic and the foundational cup that every coffee drinker knows. It’s essentially just one shot of espresso in an espresso cup. And as can be easily understood, a double espresso entails two shots.



An Americano is a “diluted” version of the espresso. Also called the “long black,” this dark brew is made by filling a cup with 2/3 of hot water with an espresso shot extracted on top. It’s a simple preparation but one that many love.



The café latte is a level up of an espresso, the only difference being is that steamed milk and a centimeter of micro foam is added. This is creamier and a little sweeter than the short black thanks to the steamed milk.



The cappuccino is similar to the latte in that is uses one shot of espresso and steamed milk. However, to create this frothy brew, more foam is added (2-3cm) and it’s topped off with a sprinkle of chocolate powder for added aroma and flavor.



A friendly cup that’s good even for the younger ones, mocha is a combination of the cappuccino and hot chocolate. To make it, one spoon of chocolate powder is mixed with an espresso shot, and then steamed milk and foam is added. Add like the cappuccino, add a sprinkle of chocolate powder on top.