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A Mother’s Day Tribute: Chef And Mom Jac Laudico Cooks As A Labor Of Love

Many restaurant kitchens may seem to be mostly dominated by men, but Chef Jac Laudico proves that a woman’s place in the kitchen goes far beyond the confines of her own home. Cooking becomes a loving task that goes beyond her own dining table, and as a chef and mom, extends to others who partake in whatever food she serves.

Together with her husband Chef Roland Laudico, better known as Chef Lau, they run Filipino restaurant Guevarra’s in San Juan, Chef Laudico OK Café in Pasig, and are chef-consultants for Waterfront Hotels in Cebu City, Mactan, and Davao, among other businesses.

Chef Jac started baking at a young age, influenced by her own mom who bakes and her lola who loves to entertain. Managing successful businesses and restaurants, she says she has always been particular about the quality of ingredients she uses, but her approach to the culinary arts changed when she became a mother to a son and a daughter.


Ok Café Eggs Benedict Ensaymada


“I have always been conscious of using good quality, natural ingredients. But it really heightened when I became a mother. I became more careful and really kept things like MSG out of my home and restaurant kitchen because I don’t believe in using addictive neurotoxins in my food. I want my kids to eat natural tasting food as much as possible,” Chef Jac says. She considers cooking “a labor of love,” believing that “taking the natural route is always better.”

As a working mom, Chef Jac has discovered the key to successfully juggling home and work life. “You can time manage, prioritize, set goals, etc.,” she says, “but if you don’t learn and accept that it’s ok to say ‘no,’ you’ll still end up overwhelmed.” Despite her busy schedule running their businesses and being a chef, she and Chef Lau are able to spend quality time with their children.


Husband-and-wife chefs Lau and Jac with their two children


The Laudicos enjoy traveling, and it’s no surprise that food is a major part of their trips. “My kids’ palates are so well developed, like us,” she shares. “They eat almost everything: artisanal cheeses, raw foods (like oysters and sashimi), spicy foods (northern China hotpot, kimchi, Indian cuisine, etc.), live food like the octopus in Seoul.” All very adventurous eaters and travelers, their trips are special bonding moments for the family, allowing them to enjoy a variety of new experiences and flavors.



Chef Jac treasures these moments with her children, “I love to give them experiences rather than things—exploring a new country, trying out a new restaurant, enrolling them in activities to discover their talents and passions, exposing them to different people and places. I think this is the best gift I can give them as a parent because during these experiences, we are also together.” Just like a true chef who loves food and all the wonderful memories built around it, this is the brand of motherhood that Chef Jac believes in.


Paella Guevarra


Chefs Jac and Lau have prepared special Mother’s Day offerings this Sunday, May 13 at their various establishments. You can partake of a sumptuous Mother’s Day breakfast buffet at Guevarra’s complete with their popular Angus beef tapa, live cooking, omelet, and pancake and waffle stations. Their regular lunch and dinner buffets are also offered. Chef Laudico OK Café will have special Mother’s Day cakes and chocolates. At Waterfront Mactan and Davao, Moms get 50% off Sunday brunch and dinner buffets at Uno. At Waterfront Cebu City, Uno highlights fresh seafood specialties during Mother’s Day, plus moms get a special gift.


Guevarra’s, 387 P. Guevarra corner Agnonne Streets, San Juan City, (02) 705-1811, 705-1874, 502-5006
Chef Laudico OK Café, Renaissance Towers, Meralco Avenue, Ortigas, Pasig City, (02) 941-8399
Café Uno, Waterfront Insular Hotel, Davao Lanang, Davao City, (082) 233-2881 local 8700
Uno, Waterfront Airport Hotel & Casino, 1 Airport Road, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, (032) 340-4888 local 7879
Uno, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino, Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City, (032) 232-6888 local 8605