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A Taste Of Lovely Provence

It’s the very edge of rosé season, the perfect time to indulge in a Provençal-style dinner (or lunch) at Mirèio. This elegant brasserie-style restaurant offers the traditional food of that charming province, playfully tweaked by chef de cuisine Nicolas Cegretin, who grew up in southern France and has worked for notable Michelin-starred restaurants all over Europe. His food conjures up visions of sun-drenched Provence with its lavender fields and grapes producing the inimitable rosé wine they are so known for. 

But, don’t be hasty. Begin early in the evening, just before night falls. Sit outside, on the roof deck, and sip a Provençal martini (or any drink of your choice) while watching the sun set. The view is spectacular. Besides, you’ll want to take advantage of La Vie en Rosé, a luxurious happy hour promo which will let you enjoy endless pourings of rosé and a selection of other wines hailing from southern France. While you’re at it, enjoy a chef’s platter of savory Provençal canapés—the foie gras alone is worth every calorie.

An emphasis on seasonally fresh ingredients and traditional French cooking techniques ensures that even the simple dishes like moules-frites (mussels and fries) superb. Mediterranean exuberance is apparent in dishes such as the Fresh Smoked Salmon Tartare with Granny Smith Apples and Dijon Mustard Cream, and Slow-cooked Oxtail Parmentier with Black Truffle Jus and Mesclun. At this point, you should be ready to enjoy another bottle of wine—the sommelier will be happy to lend his assistance (I find that his judgement is always so much better than mine!).

Mirèio, by the way, is the name of a character in a poem written by 17th-century Nobel prize-winning writer Frédéric Mistral. Written in the Occitan language, Mirèio is the daughter of a wealthy Provençal farmer in love with a humble basket weaver, and follows their love story until the happy ending. It is charming, dramatic, delightful. Just like the restaurant. 

Photos courtesy of Raffles Makati

La Vie en Rosé, a happy hour inspired by the French Riviera, is available from 5 to 8 PM daily until November 30, 2017. Mirèio, 9/F Raffles and Fairmont, Makati, (02) 555-9888