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An Edible Menu? This Bar In Singapore Lets You Eat Gummy Bears To Try Out Their Cocktails

Ordering at a bar can get pretty overwhelming at times, especially when there are plenty of unfamiliar drinks to choose from.

But at last, the food gods heard our prayers and sent Tippling Club to concoct the world’s first edible cocktail menu. The best part? It’s made up of gummy bears!


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Landing 31st on the highly acclaimed list of the World’s 50 Best Bars in 2017, this innovative club in Singapore lets guests go on a unique avant-garde culinary adventure, pairing progressive cuisine with unique cocktails. They previously made waves with their Sensorium Menu, where guests were invited to take a sniff of different scents to pick out the cocktail of their choice. And now, they’ve launched an edible menu called Dreams and Desires, which consists of 12 different gummy bears.

The new list took months for head bartender Joe Schofield and owner Ryan Clift to craft and curate. Each uniquely designed drink is priced at S$24 (PHP 910) and represents our everyday ambitions.

Choose your poison!

The Dreams and Desires Menu includes the following drinks: (1) Happiness, (2) Holiday, (3) Baby, (4) Peace, (5) Lust, (6) Beauty, (7) Success, (8) Indulgence, (9) Power, (10) Knowledge, (11) Revenge, and (12) SuperCar.




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Can you believe that Happy's smiley garnish is edible, too?


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Ever wondered whether revenge really tastes sweet? Tell the bartender you’re having a glass of Revenge!


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All we want is world peace! The Peace drink is made of almond milk, citrus, lemon balm, and vodka.


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Here’s a look at their Sensorium menu, which made waves too. It gives you a whiff of different scents to trigger memories from the past.


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Other than their uniquely crafted drinks, Tippling Club is also known for their avant-garde dishes.



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What an innovative way to serve dessert! Check out these cheesecake tablets served in a pill bottle.


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If you happen to be in Singapore, don’t miss out on this award-winning bar. And while you’re at it, try out other top-rated restaurants on this list.

Tippling Club

38 Tanjong Pagar Road

Tel: +65 6475 2217 


Monday-Friday 12 PM - 3 PM

Dinner: Monday-Saturday 6PM - last order at 10 PM


Monday-Friday 12PM - 12 midnight

Saturday 6 PM- 12 midnight