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BCN, The New Kid On The Bolanos Block

The latest addition to what is emerging as the new restaurant block of Legaspi Village—the streets of Esteban and Bolanos, is BCN. A brainchild of the team that’s been christened the Rambla Boys and are responsible for Las Flores, Rambla, Tomatito and La Lola, this new gastrobar is whimsically named BCN, after their hometown of Barcelona. 



Had the chance to dine there over the weekend and beyond the expected paellas and traditional Spanish fare, there are a number of truly exciting dishes that are unique to BCN, and augur well for the sustained success of this side street eatery. Well worth your visit to Bolanos, and the back side of the Midori building.

The Tuna Tataki is seared slices of Tuna, artfully sitting on a garlic and almond paste that’s very reminiscent of Hummus. It is delicious, as is the Enslada de Burrata with Asparagus, Bacon and Cherry Tomatoes—a refreshing combination that goes a long way in being much more than a mere salad.


Tuna Tataki in the foreground, and the Burrata Salad of BCN

The Foie Terrine with a Pumpkin compote that acts like a jam to the terrine works wonderfully, the perfectly toasted flat beard served with the Terrine something I’d even order to take home and munch on while watching Netflix.


The Foie Terrine with Pumpkin

The highlight of my dinner that night would have to be the Presa Iberica, served with French beans. That’s a domestic pig that’s peculiar to the Iberian Peninsula, and as the photo will show, it’s served in a manner that had me giving it a second look, as one could easily mistake it for a roast beef dish; but no, it’s very succulent pork. 


Presa Iberica; and believe it or not, this is a pork dish

At the start of the night, we were served bread, a pandesal that passed the muster of the Spanish chef, which was accompanied by three types of butter—Spinach, beetroot, and mushroom flavored. A nice touch that showcased the effort to give us something different.


Making a statement with butter at BCN

What’s really great about BCN is how it’s giving us a genuine new face to what Spanish cuisine is all about. These Rambla Boys aren’t just repeating themselves—they’ve stayed true to their provenance, but via diversity, are enriching our perception of their native cuisine. Ole!


Photos by Philip Cu-Unjieng