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Gourdo’s on Helping Filipinos Explore Their Newfound Passion

Family-owned business Gourdo’s supports new and flourishing passion and ventures with their wide array of products in partnership with BDO and American Express for the Shop Small movement

While at home and with more time on their hands, more Filipinos are discovering and exploring their different talents and skills, especially in the kitchen. Gourdo’s supports their flourishing passions—and even new business ventures—by better catering to their needs with their wide array of products. 

Susan San Miguel of Gourdo’s Inc. admits that the recent months have been tough. But, the brand and its people have proven to be even tougher. 

Established in 2000, Gourdo’s is a family-owned business that has been distributing specialty kitchenware, tableware, and bed and bath products for homemakers, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, and the like. At Gourdo’s curated stores and spaces, patrons can find an array of exciting items—from the most basic kitchen tools to the more hard-to-find, kitschy knick-knacks for the home. 


“We search the world to bring you the best for cooking, entertaining, and relaxing at home,” beams Susan. With thousands of Filipinos sheltering in place, there’s been an evident boom of people exploring their food-related passions and home projects. “We’re seeing more and more people turning to cooking and baking to relieve stress and to even kick start their own businesses to augment income. And we’re very happy to support them on their journeys!” says Susan. 


Social media reflects this exciting time with hundreds of aspiring bakers, cooks, and homemakers sharing their culinary creations and beautiful home project online. While we may be in lockdown, Gourdo’s has been vital in bringing back joy into people’s homes, helping them spruce up their spaces and inspiring them to create wonderful dishes for their families and friends. 

Pre-pandemic, Gourdo’s had already proven itself to be an agile brand. But the crisis, Susan admits, has forced them to think more out of the box. “I would say that this pandemic has shown us what needs to be streamlined, how to be more in tune with the customers’ changing needs and demands, and how to move at a faster pace to address current issues.” 

To better cater to their patrons, the company established a more robust customer support system online and offline, and introduced several innovations within its operations. They also boosted their e-commerce site and expanded their delivery options. Now, even at home, customers can conveniently order the items they need and expect them delivered safely in a shorter time. 


“With this pandemic, we’ve learned that teamwork is a must and that communication is key—not just internally, but also with our customers,” Susan adds. “Ingenuity always wins.” 

Gourdo’s is always ready to provide attentive service to all their customers whether online or at their retail stores. 

"In this difficult time, supporting a business like ours makes a big difference.  It helps our employees and it also helps us grow and open other opportunities for people who want to start their own businesses. So do support local businesses and shops like ours.” 

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