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Rediscover The World Through Delicious Plates And Delicacies At Santis Deli

Despite travel lockdowns and restrictions, Santis Deli has helped us find ways to experience the taste and flavors we’ve missed, in partnership with BDO and American Express for the Shop Small movement

With the travel lockdowns and restrictions, happy, globetrotting Pinoys must find other ways to fulfill their wanderlust—one of which is by eating their way around the world.

It may be a few months—or even years—before travel “normalizes,” but until then Säntis is willing to give you the taste and flavors that you most miss.

Säntis Delicatessen—or more fondly known as “Säntis”—opened shop in 1987, along Yakal Street in Makati. And it has since become a well-loved neighborhood haunt, where foodies can find the most delicious ingredients and delicacies.


Here, you’ll find no less that 4,500 different items from exotic cheeses; chorizos, ham, sausages and cold cuts; aged steaks; wines and beverages; and an array of other international delicacies. Säntis has everything you need to make a feast at home. “We guarantee our gourmet products to be world-class. They are produced in traditional style, using only the most premium ingredients and which are free from artificial flavorings,” beams Werner Berger, the man behind Säntis, proudly.

Werner takes great pride in having helped their customers throughout this pandemic. Many long to travel and dine out. But since it’s not yet safe, Säntis is grateful to at least help their patrons with their food nostalgia and help them revisit their favorite places through its unique food offerings. Säntis brings a newfound joy to dining at home.


Whether you want to level up your family dinner, date nights with your partner, or just want to try out new food crazes like DIY cheeseboards and the like, Säntis has everything you’ll need to make a meal more memorable.

Fortunately, despite the pandemic, many of Säntis branches are still open and patrons are welcome to visit their stores – of course, while observing safety protocols. But should customers want to shop from the safety of their homes, that is possible, too! Säntis has taken great efforts to revamp their site and add more delivery options to better cater to its customers.

The pandemic has hit many businesses – including theirs—but Säntis is still standing strong and proud, having chosen not to terminate any employee since March 2020. “We value and give importance to our hardworking employees. Instead of laying them off, we have made other adjustments and have shifted employees around the business, which has worked out well,” shares Werner.


While it’s easy to dwell in disappointment these days, Werner chooses and encourages others to see the silver lining. “Let us not focus on the negative effects of the pandemic, but to look at the other side. This crisis has brought people closer together and we have started to appreciate the small things again, which before we had always taken for granted,” he says with much wisdom.

“The most vital lesson that I’ve learned in running a business during this pandemic is that we should work together, support each other, and be willing to sacrifice a little for others,” he says with compassion.

“We believe in supporting local businesses to help them survive this challenging time. And so, dear customers, remember that with each order and purchase, you are not only helping our employees, but also others who are connected to our business and who are relying on us to make a living.” Support local, he encourages.


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