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Casa Artusi Teaches Us How To Make Fresh Pasta Like Italians Do


If you’re a pasta lover (and most of us are!), there’s really nothing better than noodles lovingly made by hand. The best way to learn how to make fresh pasta, though, is not by reading a cookbook, but by actually doing it over and over again—mixing flour with egg, kneading the dough, rolling it out, and cutting it into pasta shapes—until you get a real feel for the process. Thankfully, pasta aficionados got the chance to hone their pasta making skills during La Sfoglia di Una Volta, a hands-on workshop conducted by Casa Artusi Philippines, the local arm of famed Italian gastronomic center Casa Artusi, represented locally by Chef Margarita Forés. Casa Artusi Executive Chef Carla Brigliadori flew into town to conduct two basic workshops on fresh, colored, and filled pastas, plus their pasta sauces. Casa Artusi specializes in traditional Italian cooking, championing the principles of the renowned “father” of Italian modern cookery, Pellegrino Artusi, namely: learn the best techniques to be able to cook in the best possible way, and practice makes the best teacher. Those principles were on full display during La Sfoglia di Una Volta workshops held last December 1 and 3 at the Ascott BGC.