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Chef Tatung Sarthou’s Newest Cookbook Is Your House Cook’s Best Friend


If you’re too busy to cook every day or if you simply don’t enjoy cooking, the ideal solution is to hire a household cook or helper (whether part-time or full-time) to do all the cooking for you and your family. But trained house cooks are a rarity these days—unless you’re willing to pay through the roof. So, what most of us do is train our helpers ourselves. But not so easy, right?


Photo by Marie Francia


Thankfully, Umagang Kay Ganda’s resident chef, Myke “Tatung” Sarthou, just launched his third cookbook, Dishkarte Sa Kusina, with the goal of teaching anyone, and we mean anyone, to cook basic Filipino recipes from scratch. Published by ABS-CBN Publishing Inc., Dishkarte Sa Kusina doesn’t just provide a comprehensive primer on cooking, it also aims to entertain. Written in Taglish, the book is filled with vibrant visuals and hugot lines delivered with Chef Tatung’s characteristic wit and humor.


Photo courtesy of Chef Tatung’s Official Facebook account


Chef Tatung spent many years researching and understanding traditional cooking methods around the country, culminating in the publication of his award-winning book, Phiippine Cookery: From Heart to Platter. From that research, he came up with a treasure trove of cooking tips and tricks for his newest cookbook with the express goal of turning a novice, including your household helper, into an expert cook. 


With that in mind, here are 4 reasons why Dishkarte Sa Kusinashould be your house cook’s new best friend:


It’s easy for anyone to understand.

The book is written in conversational Filipino or Taglish for better and clearer understanding. It’s a book that is accessible to anyone and everyone.



It’s comprehensive.

Chef Tatung understands the stress and hassle of having to repeat yourself over and over when training your house cook to prepare meals at home. From planning meals, market/grocery shopping, to cooking and plating, plus food safety and hygiene, this jolly chef has found a way to make it easier for everyone in the household to be on the same page when it comes to cooking.  



It’s not intimidating

Cookbooks are full of exact figures, measurements, and precise steps to follow by the letter. By explaining these in a conversational tone with an abundance of humor, Chef Tatung eases the pressure of having to cook things right every single time. The book’s casual tone and pun-filled humor help break down the more technical aspects of cooking, like the different cuts of livestock, composition of sauces, and more. Cooking doesn’t only have to be about the recipes, but should involve the right mind set and attitude when preparing a meal. Chef Tatung provides both, with lots of laughter included. With gentle coaxing, he removes any sense of intimidation, giving readers the confidence they need to come up with awesome dishes. 


It teaches discipline.

Aside from teaching readers how to whip up great Filipino food, Dishkarte Sa Kusina’s added value lies in imparting the necessary discipline that comes with working in the kitchen. One has to put in the hours, from keeping a clean kitchen and managing kitchen supplies, to knowing one’s ingredients, accepting criticism if a dish doesn’t taste good, and working towards improving on what one already knows. 


Grab a copy now! Available in all leading bookstores nationwide.


lead image by Marie Francia