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Christmas Cravings: Tootsy Angara's Food Secrets

'Tis the season for celebrations! Amidst the chaos of Christmas shopping and parties, many of you are planning to entertain family and friends at home. We want to help minimize your holiday stress by giving you great recommendations for a truly worthy Christmas feast. 

We reached out to one of our favorite hostesses--known for her exacting taste and style--on her go-to food list and entertaining secrets. Tootsy Angara, wife of Senator Sonny Angara, mother of 3, and Head of Sales of the ABS-CBN Lifestyle Ecosystem Group, shares her chosen few.


Which caterers do you engage for parties at home?

  1. Kai. They also do Spanish food. Tel (02) 543-0133
  2. La Tasca. Order their mushroom cannelloni and pepitas sandwiches. Tel (02) 896-5543
  3. Pancake House. Mobile (0917) 803-3245 and (0998) 582-1071

Pancake House waffle


Which specialty dishes are always a crowd-pleaser?

  1. Pepita's lechon with truffle rice. Tel (02) 425-4605, email:, IG: @lechon_diva
  2. Garlic crab and garlic noodles from Ley's Kitchen.  Mobile (0917) 848-6889, IG: @leys_kitche
  3. Caviar torte from The Kitchen. Mobile (0928) 246-7243, email:, IG: @thekitchen_ph?                                                                Garlic crab from Ley's Kitchen. Photo:


Caviar torte by The Kitchen


What are your top 5 go-to desserts?

  1. Mara de la Rama's Crepe Cake. Mobile (0917) 803-6272 or (0917) 811-6272,  IG: @dessertdujourbymara
  2. Roshan's Mango Crepe Samurai. Tel (02) 631-7866 or (02) 633-6286, website:, IG: @homemadebyroshan
  3. Roshan's Chocolate Surprise Cupcakes. Tel (02) 631-7866 or (02) 633-6286, website:, IG: @homemadebyroshan
  4. Sugarbee's Salted Caramel Cake. Tel (02) 852-0557, FB: @SugarBeePh, IG: @sugarbeeph
  5. Cunanan's Ensaymada. Tel (02) 631-0798

Sugarbee's salted caramel cake. Photo:


Cunanan's ensaymada. Photo:


What's a regional delicacy you regularly order when entertaining?

  • Suman from Baler with Nanay Pacing peanut butter


Which restaurants do you recommend for dinner with friends?

  1. Hook by Todd English
  2. M Dining
  3. El Cirkulo

Hook by Todd English