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Cibo Wants To Fly You To Rome For A Week For Their 22nd Anniversary

Attention, all travel junkies: this all-expense paid trip to Italy is not a drill!

We're being completely serious here.

As Cibo celebrates 22 deliciously successful years as a leading brand in the food industry, they're giving their loyal patrons an opportunity of a lifetime to travel to the Italian capital to experience many of its world-famous sights and sounds, and of course, flavors, too!

But before we get carried away by our excitement and forget the person behind the project, we must shine the spotlight on Cibo's owner and founder, Chef Margarita Forés, an award-winning titan in her field who helped usher in Filipinos' love of and admiration for Italian fare and culture. 

As a woman who carved and solidified a reputation for herself crafting authentic Italian specialties, her appreciation for everything Italy runs as deep as the Mediterranean Sea. As a child, she frequented the European country, touring its most scenic settings and sampling its regions' best dishes, and as an adult, these experiences would go on to heavily influence and form the foundations of her culinary expertise. (Much of her formal training had come in the form of immersing herself in Italian households with Italian mothers cooking for their families as well as learning from three of the country's most prominent female chefs: Milan's Ada Parasilti, Florence's Masha Innoscenti, and Rome's Jo Bettoja). 

Wishing to bring everything she had learned (and fell in love with) in Italy to her own country, she took a chance with Cibo all the way back in 1997, and never looked back since. 

Today, Chef Margarita has garnered numerous awards, including being named Asia's Best Female Chef in 2016, while Cibo has become a household name and go-to restaurant for many a local diner in search of satisfying Italian cooking. 

She breathes not a sigh of relief, but one of gratefulness onstage at Cibo's 22nd anniversary celebration held at Uptown Mall as she looks back on all that she's achieved over the years.

Exuding the same warmth as she speaks about all that she looks forward to in the future that a bowl of her signature crema di zucca holds, Chef Gaita also explains that without those who have become fans of Cibo, none of her successes would have been possible, and 22 years in the business certainly would not have become a reality!

Keeping this in mind, that brings us to now.

In partnership with Cathay Pacific, Chef Margarita wishes to return all the years of trusting Cibo diners have given with one of the best travel raffles we've seen to date!

Here's how it works and what to expect:

  1. The raffle is open to all Cibo diners who meet its requirements.
  2. The grand winner (there will only be one!) will be entitled to bring one companion, and two of you will go on a week-long adventure to Rome, Italy. That's seven glorious days exploring one of the world's most historic cities! 
  3. Cibo and Cathay Pacific will take care of plane tickets and  your hotel booking. (Chef Gaita has revealed that they've chosen the Westin Excelsior Rome, a hotel that she herself has experienced and holds many fond memories for her). 
  4. They'll take care of making reservations for relevant tours to scenic and historic sites for you and your travel buddy. 
  5. Chef Gaita will also be there with you on your trip (or at least try her hardest to do so!), so she can be there to personally share pieces of Rome's culinary and cultural history as you visit some of its best destinations. 
  6. She'll whip up a special restaurant itinerary for you, so you (and your taste buds) can take full advantage of your trip, food-wise. Make sure to listen to her advice, because if there's anyone who knows where to dine in Rome, it's her. 

See this this poster below for more details!

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As if you needed more reasons to love dining at Cibo, they bring you this awesome travel promo.

Now that you know what to do and how it works, all you need to do is secure your travel companion and make some tummy space for lots of Cibo-cooked Italian cuisine!

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