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Updated! Where To Order Cooked Food So You Don't Have To Leave Home

Yes, you can still eat well even under quarantine!

UPDATED March 20, 2020. Stuck at home adjusting to the new normal that is enhanced community quarantine? It's a challenge in many ways, and one of the trickiest is how to keep your pantry stocked and ensure good healthy meals without going to the supermarkets where you will be unnecessarily exposed to possible contamination. A hassle-free solution: have cooked dishes delivered straight to your door. Whether frozen or ready to eat, these are a real convenience. Let us share our list of food purveyors we trust, not just for the quality of their dishes, but the care they take with safety and hygiene, so crucial in these times. 

Just remember that there's an increased demand for food deliveries these days, so do allow for a little more time for deliveries. Some retailers might also need a little lead time to get your orders to you. Check out the gallery. We'll be updating this list regularly, so keep checking in! 

Is It Safe To Order Food Delivery In These Times of COVID-19?


Is It Safe To Order Food Delivery In These Times of COVID-19?