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Drink Beer Like The Germans Do At The Biggest Oktoberfest In The Country On October 4 to 6

Stepping inside the Grand Ballroom of Solaire Resorts and Casino was like stepping into a portal that transported media personalities and trade partners to Bavaria, Germany in an instant. Servers dressed up in Germany’s traditional costumes welcomed the guests with a pint of Weihenstephan, a local German beer, while cheering Prost!


Like a crash course on the language, the event hosts led the crowd with a song-and-dance number with recognizable German words like schwimm, stark, spring, and a whole lot of la la la’s before, serving a feast of classic Bavarian favorites. Several kinds of sausages from weisswurst to bratwurst, potato salad, pretzels, cold cuts, and spatzle were brought to each of the tables.



When everyone was fueled up with the generous servings, a game of strength followed suit. Five brave men and women took on the challenge of holding a large mug of beer with their arms extended forward for a full ten minutes. Guests cheered them on until the last man and woman standing reached the 10-minute mark. And what’s a German party without downing a mug of beer in one go? Drinkers, ladies and gents alike, lined up to join the contest.



It was a fantastic way to kick-off the German Club’s 80th Oktoberfest celebration scheduled to take place on October 4 to 6 at the 2,400-square-meter Solaire Oktoberfest Tent. The carousing starts from six in the evening to two in the morning.