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Where To Get This Fabulous Bourbon-Infused Tres Leches Cake

With salted caramel Bourbon and velvet Chantilly cream, what's not to love?

Imagine a slice of tres leches cake still chilled from the fridge, sitting in all its luscious glory on your saucer, waiting for the first dip of your spoon. Cool and creamy, with fabulous layers of rich cream and sponge cake, is there any way to make this dessert even more perfect? Try a little infusion of Bourbon to give it fabulous flavor dimension, the way @eat.monmonmon makes it. 

Monica Songco of @eat.monmonmon became known for her delectable Burnt Basque Cheesecakes with their limited edition flavors. Drunk Leches, her take on the classic tres leches, is the newest item on her menu. And may I say that it’s worth every calorie. 

It arrives in a tub that holds moist sponge cake, decadent Bourbon-infused milk soak, luscious salted caramel Bourbon, and velvet Chantilly cream. Sweet but not cloying, it’s so good you’ll get a little milk drunk with happiness.

Tres leches cakes were quite popular in Manila last year, so much so that we came up with our handpicked list of favorites. As a dessert, it’s simple yet indulgent with delightful flavor nuances and a comforting creaminess that’s so perfect in these stressful times. We’ll gladly add @eat.monmonmon’s new Drunk Leches to this list. 

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To order, call (0917) 857-2312, or send a DM to @eat.monmonmon on Instagram.