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Enjoy The Taste Of Earl Grey In A Brit State Of Mind—Cuppa Tea?

As we brace ourselves for the onslaught of online responses to the Royal Wedding mania, (which may break the internet, mind you) we’d like to sit back and relax with one of our favorite tea flavors, Earl Grey, in different ways. Made particularly distinct by bergamot, the taste of Earl Grey as tea is quite unforgettable.  It has also been adapted as a scent for certain lifestyle products like beauty and home, but generally it is more well-known in terms of taste.



We’re loving the Earl Grey tea flavor in ice cream, macarons, and lip balms as well.  In ice cream, so far, we haven’t encountered as balanced and creamy a take on Earl Grey quite as memorable as Merry Moo’s version.  We like that you get that crowd-pleasing, not overly sweet creamy milk-tea flavor laced with the Earl Grey aftertaste at the end.



Make your ice cream experience just a bit more indulgent by breaking up some Earl Grey macarons on top.  Fat Fingers PH does their own Earl Grey macarons and we love the color contrast.




After licking your lips and dabbing them dry, if you still can’t get enough Earl Grey, pucker up and give that pout a bit of vegan TLC with Hurraw vegan lip balm.  This ECO certified crowd-pleaser for your chapped lips comes in an array of fun flavors from natural ones like coconut, lemon, and cherry to pop culture favorites like root beer, Chai tea, and coffee.



The Earl Grey flavor in Hurraw vegan lip balms is subtle but just enough to enjoy and the balm aroma itself is enough to bring on a chuffed smile with each application (it is available locally via stockist Cutieverse on Facebook).

Hand-in-hand with actual Earl Grey tea you can steep a cup’s worth, throw in a bit of ice and follow this recipe here for an Earl Grey milkshake.  Since it is still a bit too summery at the moment to be enjoying hot tea, an icy shake just might be a better fix for you.