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Sanctuary In The City: Your New Dining Destination Is Actually A Garden

It’s not enough to consider safety and comfort—your spaces also need to soothe your soul and that’s what we’ve seen in TriNoma’s Garden Restaurants

Now that the restrictions have eased up on eating out, we are presented with choices on how we can best spend our time dining with the people that we have missed during lockdown. We don’t just want to follow our cravings, we are also on the lookout for places that will soothe our souls—places we could call sanctuaries.

With TriNoma’s Garden Restaurants, you get the best of both worlds—a place where you can relax safely and comfortably due to the stringent safety guidelines of the mall, but you will also get to delight in the scenic garden view. If you’ve missed the outdoors, the different levels of the Garden Restaurants are like an oasis in the middle of the city.

Just how big is this urban garden? There you’ll see multiple levels of lush greenery starting from the ground floor, all the way up to the fourth floor, topped with a 1-hectare bi-level rooftop garden. And surrounding this garden are the best dining offerings.

Al Fresco Options

Apart from the restaurants, TriNoma also has al fresco dining areas by the Garden Restaurants: The Patio which is located at Level 1, as well as Dining by Design styled by Moss Design House’s Cyndi Fernandez at Level 4. These spaces are all available for your safety and comfort, and these can also provide you with the perfect area to enjoy the view as you eat.

A World of Culinary Flavors

We especially love the outdoor options for the dining destinations, so we went through some of the offerings per level. Let us take you on a tour:

Located at the Ground Floor are Conti’s and Manam. Conti’s is known not only for its exquisite cakes but also for the sumptuous savory dishes like Homemade Beef Tapa Strips and their must-try Lengua Estofado. Manam, on the other hand is the go-to place for Filipino comfort food so you can take your pick from their bestsellers such as the House Crispy Sisig, the Sinigang Na Beef Short Rib & Watermelon, Crispy Pata with Garlic Chili Bits, and the Overloaded Garlicky Chicken & Pork Belly Adobo. Definitely worth the calories!

The Patio outdoor dining nook is at Level 1, and you can indulge in a picturesque view of greens while enjoying your meal

Moving up to the first level are Kko Kko and Ramen Nagi. If you’re a fan of Korean food, you can find all your favorites in Kko Kko—including the different variants of Korean Fried Chicken such as Kko Kko Supreme Boneless, Chili Original, Mayak, Yangnyum, and our favorites Oh My Garlic. There’s also the Kimbap and Bibimbap, which you can combine wih all the dishes you’ve been hearing about from Korean dramas like the Tteobokki (it comes in cheese, too!) and Ramyeon in different levels of spiciness. Ramen Nagi is known for its authentic Japanese ramen, so you won’t go wrong in trying out classics such as the Butao paired with the Gyoza or Pork Katsu. There’s also the Salmon King for those who want something different.

Up the second level are more al fresco restaurants. Here we have the homey, barkada and family favorite Gerry’s Grill. It’s easy to pick favorites here because they’ve perfected the art of grill—so try the Inihaw na Pusit, Bangus, Liempo, or the Pork and Chicken Barbecue. Much has been said about the Gerry’s Grill Sisig paired with their Garlic Rice, so you must add that to your orders as well. If you’re in the mood for ribs, then Racks is the place to be, it offers flame-grilled, fall-off-the-bone ribs that are tender to chew but still give that marvelous, earthy texture. Plus, did you know that you can go home with a bottle of their original barbeque sauce?

Up on level three is one of the go-to establishments, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, which is known for its scenic location. Surrounded by greens with a side that opens up to the view deck, it feels like an oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle. Paired with the environmentally friendly elements of the cafe, it feels so organic in this spot. Plus there’s also Kimpura, offering an authentic and innovative Japanese dining experience. From the lavishly-styled interiors paired with the must-try dishes that have been honed through four decades dedication to perfecting its dishes, starting from the tempura, to the Okonomiyaki, Teppanyaki combinations, and their special Makis.

All the way to the top are all the fun dining destinations of TriNoma—from the family restaurant diner chain Denny’s (where you can get the best breakfast at any time of the day), to Shrimp Bucket (for really good shrimps, crabs, and mussels), but you also have a wealth of options in UnliCity—which has Samgyupsalamat, Jinsei, Unli Cafe, and Dimzoom. Depending on who you’re with, you might want to hang out in Starbucks or end with a nightcap in UVA Wine Bar, just reserve the seats outside in advance because those are the best seats in town.

If you like to travel, go check out the al fresco dining set-up at the Level 4 Garden which has a New York and Hawaii vibe. Dining by Design is styled by Cyndi Fernandez of Moss Design house.

Instant Promo and Raffle Promo Alert

As a treat, if you present your single-purchase receipts at the concierge worth at least P3,000 from any of the Garden Restaurants, you can get P100 worth of Starbucks gift certificates, and a chance to win a Seda Vertis North staycation for 2 in the e-raffle. Check out this page for the complete mechanics.

So if you’re looking for that much-needed escape to a sanctuary in the city that can satisfy both your need for self-care and nourishment—with the best dining offerings, of course—visit TriNoma’s Garden Restaurants. You’ll thank us later for it!

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Check out the different dining destinations per floor: