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Editors' Picks: 9 Restaurants You Can Go To After Attending Art Fair Philippines 2020

Tired, hungry, and excited to talk about the experience? Here you go

Art Fair Philippines, one of the biggest and most well-attended art fairs in Manila, starts today. Every year since 2013, it has been a must-see event, as people troop in to see how The Link Carpark in Ayala Center is transformed into a multi-level feast for the senses. 

For a quick primer on everything that you need to know about the Art Fair Philippines, read up here.


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There’s no question, a visit to Art Fair Philippines can really whet your appetite — it can take hours just to view all that art! And after an immersion in so much engaging art and culture, we’re pretty sure that your next goal will be to find a restaurant where you can get a good meal, rest your feet, and have a great conversation to wrap up the experience. For our recommended places, click through the gallery below.