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EIC On The Move Raul Manzano And Nana Ozaeta Try Exciting Eats At Uptown Bonifacio

Need to find a new spot to escape in the big city? EIC on the Move’s Raul Manzano and Metro.Style Food Editor Nana Ozaeta explore Uptown Bonifacio for new thrills and eats in Taguig

Living in the heart of the metro has its perks – shorter travel time to and from work, numerous malls for retail therapy, and new dining destinations to tickle the curious palate. With all the stress and traffic of daily life, it’s comforting to find a respite in the big city – a place where you can eat, kick back and have fun after a hard day’s work.

Whether planned or spontaneous, get-togethers become more fun at Uptown Bonifacio

We dive deep into the heart of Taguig to explore the center of new culinary delights and entertainment thrills – Uptown Bonifacio. 

Here, we give you a rundown of some of the new, exciting dining destinations and gastronomic finds, perfect for your next retreat and rendezvous in the city. #OnlyinUptownBonifacio.

Raul and Nana relive their fond New York memories through delicious bites


Inspired by the retro Flatiron Building in NYC, Flatiron 1771 serves up the best of New York with dishes made familiar for the Filipino palate. The menu brings the exciting Big Apple experience to the table with American-centric dishes that feed the hearty appetite, from salads to pasta and steaks! Like the City That Never Sleeps, Flatiron is an exciting melting pot of culture with international flavors you can taste in every dish. 

Location: Flatiron 1771: UGF, Uptown Mall

Editor’s Picks

Flatiron 1771 Chef George Bustamante recommends the Flatiron Brisket 6 wherein the meat is slow roasted inside the oven for 6 hours until it’s fork tender.
Seafood Jambalaya
Chicken Piccata
Brownie Sugar


From New York, we fly straight across the Atlantic to Italy with just a skip next door to Mamma Mia restaurant. “At Mamma Mia every bite you take feels like you’re being transported to Italy,” shares Raul. With its rustic brick walls, mosaic tiles, and homey ambience, feel the warmth of the Tuscan sun reflected in every space and corner.  As described by owner Giulius  Lapino, “We want it to be a bit different from a traditional one. We added a bit of colors but still, of course, still Italian.” Like the way its interiors embrace you in cozy comfort, so does Mamma Mia’s food with its array of soulful Italian dishes. Imagine indulging in a fine feast here with family!

Location: Mamma Mia: UGF, Uptown Mall

Editor’s Picks

Polpo Con Patate
US Rib Eye
Margharita con Proscuitto e Mascarpone
Spaghetti Carbonara Alla Mama Mia


Another premium Italian restaurant, Salvatore Cuomo is a culinary gem, led by renowned Italian-Japanese chef and Pioneer of Neaopolitan Pizza in Asia, Salvatore Cuomo. Take in the elegant space and have an unforgettable culinary experience with its high ceilings, fully open kitchen, and expansive dining area that boasts a masculine touch with its dark yet sophisticated palette. Aside from it’s excellent food, what Nana loved about it, “This restaurant has a nice setting—quiet, intimate and relaxed." Make sure to feast on authentic Neopolitan Pizza, made with the freshest Italian ingredients and baked to perfection in their own brick oven. 

Location: Salvatore Cuomo: GF, Uptown Parade

Editor’s Picks

Quattro Formaggi Pizza
Mozzarella Caprese
Grigliata di Carne
Spaghetti alla Vongole
There’s always room for dessert! According to Executive Chef Giuseppe Esposito the Deconstructed Tiramisu is a must-try. “It is our very famous dessert here.”


Last full show or drinks? Now you can do both thanks to Boozy Bar, which lets you enjoy your favorite cocktails right at your seat while you watch the latest blockbuster. “It is the first cinema cocktail bar in the country. We have our drinks here named after movie stars, filmmakers,” says Pat Maghirang, Marketing and Events Officer of Boozy Bar. Beer, wine, or cocktails - elevate your drinking game as well as your movie experience at the VIP Cinema, which is fitted with 83 plush reclining love seats. 

Aside from the unlimited freshly popped popcorn and free flowing drinks, feel like a true VIP with friendly butler service. Movie night will never be the same again!

Location: Boozy Bar: 3F, Uptown Mall

Cheers to enjoying cocktails even in the theater!

Editor’s Picks

Enjoy first-class butler service in Uptown Bonifacio’s VIP Cinema
Each VIP Cinema seat is fitted with a handy LED light so you don’t need to worry about spilling your drink!

For a different kind of date night or after-office rendezvous with friends and colleagues, level up your experience with Uptown Bonifacio. #OnlyinUptownBonifacio.