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Chinese New Year 2020: Have Fun Learning How To Make Dim Sum At Canton Road

Start a tradition, have a lot of fun, and sit down to a sumptuous set menu after

If you’re looking for a really fun activity that’s perfect for Chinese New Year, sign up for the Dim Sum Class at Shangri-La at the Fort’s premier Chinese restaurant, Canton Road. This activity is the perfect combination of reverence for time-honored traditions, and seizing an opportunity to create new, fun memories with the family.

Traditionally, in China, families would sit at the dinner table and wrap dim sum together in the afternoon before Spring Festival. The Dim Sum Class is a refined twist on this tradition. The class itself is two hours’ worth of learning how to make different kinds of dim sum, under the guidance of Chinese Executive Chef Wang. This year, the dim sum are inspired by the Rat, the first of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac. 

Chinese New Year 2020: Where To Welcome The Year Of The Rat


Chinese New Year 2020: Where To Welcome The Year Of The Rat

Chef Wang teaches how to create three kinds of dim sum: Steamed Hong Kong Custard and Salted Duck Egg Bun, Baked Pumpkin with Lotus Puff, and Steamed Red Bean Glutinous Rice and Desiccated Coconut Ball.

Because the class is only about two hours long, most of the ingredients are prepared ahead of time so you can focus on the technique behind the recipes, and have the fun of creating their own dim sum.  You can go ahead and ask questions about the ingredients, the prep and the cooking — the chef will be happy to answer them all. At the end of the class, the dim sum you created will be steamed, baked, or fried, then placed in boxes and take-out containers for you to take home.

After the class, you sit down to enjoy the delicious set menu that comes with the package. Delectable and truly unforgettable, the menu includes Huaiyang and Cantonese appetizer combinations, a salted duck marinated for 23 hours in Shaoxing yellow wine, and crispy prawn balls in osmanthus orange sauce. There is roasted Peking duck with mushrooms, celery, and black truffle balls in abalone sauce, and a special yin yang fried rice created with egg white, seafood, and beets. 


The menu includes, as well, US beef tenderloin and foie gras in crispy garlic pepper sauce, and crispy cod fish with mozzarella cheese and pumpkin purée roll — dishes recently added to Canton Road’s undeniably unique repertoire. The dessert of chilled mango and sago, red dates rice cake, and pan seared coconut make for a special, sweet finish to a truly unforgettable feast.

Book a Dim Sum Class good for ten people by emailing For more information, visit and follow Shangri-La at the Fort, Manila (@shangrilafort) on Facebook and Instagram.