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Fashion Meets Food: Rajo Laurel And Michael Leyva’s Newest Design Collaborations With Bizu Catering Studio

Bizu Catering Studio, the catering arm of Bizu Patisserie and Café, continues to create wonders by collaborating with four of the most sought after fashion designers in the country: Mark Bumgarner, Vania Romoff, Rajo Laurel, and Michael Leyva. Beyond the custom-made wedding gowns, Bizu believes that the food also plays a major part in a wedding celebration. Each dish from Bizu’s Taste by Design menu is distinctly crafted and artistically arranged to match both the personality and the latest collection of each couturier.

For a glimpse of Bizu’s collaboration with designers Mark Bumgarner and Vania Romoff, click here.

After Mark Bumgarner and Vania Romoff’s menus, Bizu also presented the menu designs of Rajo Laurel and Michael Leyva that are perfect for any event or occasion.


Rajo Laurel’s Nature-Inspired Menu


Fashion designer Rajo Laurel is a pretty serious foodie. When he’s not coming up with beautiful fashion creations, he’s on the hunt for the latest food discoveries, which you can find on his blog and Instagram account. When it comes to the worlds of food and fashion, he has always believed in the power of collaboration, already having a cake and a burger partnership in the past.





Bizu’s menu collaboration with Rajo is in line with his new cruise collection, Eden, as translated into food. Eden is Rajo’s tribute to his love for horticulture and the color green. During the press launch, Rajo shared that the overall process of his artistic, nature-inspired menu was very easy. He just shared his Eden look books and mood boards to Bizu and they immediately translated his vision onto the table settings and actual dishes. Founder and Managing Director of Bizu Catering Studio, Audrey Tanco-Uy, stated that Rajo’s menu was all about coming back to nature, making it beautiful and elegant at the same time.


Oyster Rockefeller with Salted Egg


Because of his love for creating, Rajo’s favorite part throughout the whole gastronomic journey with Bizu was seeing his creative vision come to fruition.


Petit Beef Tenderloin Bourguignon


Rajo’s love for nature comes through even in the presentation, with moss covered tables and floral arrangements on display. The menu is very indulgent, but every calorie is worth it. Cheese-topped fresh Rockefeller Oysters with Salted Egg, for that added Filipino touch, give a play on texture in every bite, while the very tasty and tender Petit Beef Tenderloin Bourguignon is beautifully presented in mini copper pans.


Petit Lobster Roll in Brioche Bun


The Petit Lobster Rolls in Brioche Bun are buttered to perfection, loaded with chunks of fresh lobster. Each bun is very light, easy to eat, but also packed with hearty lobster goodness. 


Mango and Mascarpone Panna Cotta with Prosciutto Romancio           


A pretty odd combination for some, but these savory nibbles of prosciutto, mango, and mascarpone panna cotta truly complement each other in one bite. There’s just something about the sweet mango, creamy mascarpone, salty prosciutto on top of a cheesy cracker base that holds everything in place, with the green sugar glaze on top reminding you of your childhood.


Eden, Rajo’s newest cruise collection


Rajo’s menu also includes a colorful Smoked Salmon in Hollandaise with Pumpkin Yuzu Purée and Wasabi Jelly on Tapioca Crisp, Salchichon Nobleza and Truffle Mushroom pizzas, a Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Dacquoise, Yuzu Lemon Meringue Tartlets, and a sweet and refreshing Peach and Mint beverage.



Michael Leyva’s Balanced Flavors

When a design style is grand, it’s Michael Leyva


Michael Leyva’s fashion creations are known to be both glamorous and magical, but never over the top. So Bizu made sure that his menu reflects his collection and personality as a designer.




Leyva’s menu gives you balanced flavors from the canapés to the desserts. He believes that the same principle should be followed when designing gowns—they shouldn’t be overly beaded or too plain.


Bottarga Spaghettini with Pancetta


According to Bizu’s Audrey Tanco-Uy, people can expect the Leyva menu to be high-end and unique thanks to the luxury ingredients used, like scallops, lamb prosciutto, and bottarga.


Manchego, Quince, and Lamb Prosciutto


The Bottarga Spaghettini with Pancetta has the perfect balance of sweetness from the cherry tomatoes and saltiness from the capers, bottarga (salted cured fish roe), and strip of pancetta that will surprise you from inside the mini copper pan. The Manchego, Quince, and Lamb Prosciutto, on the other hand, gives you full-bodied flavors with a touch of sweetness from the balsamic reduction.




US Strawberries Dipped in White Chocolate


Leyva confesses that he has a sweet tooth and is glad that he was chosen to be one of the fashion designers to collaborate with Bizu. And his desserts don’t disappoint.

The Charlotte has a well-balanced mix of sweet from the ladyfinger boat and tartness from the berries and mousse on top. The US Strawberries Dipped in White Chocolate are topped with gold flakes, and give you a well-adjusted bite without being too sour or too sweet.

Michael Leyva’s menu also includes Scallop with Pommery Mornay, Avocado Feta with Plum and Candied Walnut Macaron, Truffled Potato Duchess on Cremini, and petit desserts like Pistachio Bavaroise, Red Velvet Cake, Vanilla Moist Pops, and a refreshing tropical drink named The Queen, made of pineapple juice, cranberry, lemonade, and orange.

To learn more about Taste by Design, visit or visit their official Facebook page.


Photos courtesy of Chris Clemente and Bizu Catering Studio