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Fashion Meets Food When Bizu Culinary Studio Collaborates With Designers Mark Bumgarner And Vania Romoff

Bizu Patisserie & Café is known for its bright Parisian-like interiors as well as its colorful and delectable sweet and savory dishes. Coined from the French word bisou which means kiss, Bizu has been a go-to spot for casual French fare and authentic French pastries since 2011.

Bizu has also ventured into events catering with the creation of Bizu Catering Studio, which recently partnered with the country’s top fashion designers for its Taste by Design menus. This initiative tailor fits the perfect menu with every bride through a unique design partnership that highlights the two most important components (after the actual ceremony, of course) of a wedding—the wedding gown and the food. Bizu launched the menus with celebrated fashion designers Mark Bumgarner and Vania Romoff to showcase how fashion and food can come together in the most stylish and delicious manner.

Bizu believes that this tasteful approach to catering is more a practicality than an extravagance. And from Bizu’s elegant, pastel-colored pastries to its sumptuous dishes, the bride and her guests need not worry because everything is tastefully done with an eye for the smallest detail.


Mark Bumgarner’s Sophisticated Palate


Known for his flawless ball gown creations that make every girl feel like a princess, Mark Bumgarner intensifies romance with a play of textures and flavors in his menu collaboration with Bizu. During the press launch, this fashion designer to the stars suggested intriguing ingredients like edible hibiscus flowers that taste like cranberries, which the chefs at Bizu combined with goat cheese; and enoki mushrooms, salmon, and pistachio aioli.



His luxurious, and sophisticated style is reflected in other savory canapés, like Beet Hummus with Caramelized Beets; Bacon and Potato Ring; Five Spice Chicken with Charred Pomelo, Yuzu and Feta; and Wagyu Cube, Cremini Mushroom with Horseradish Aioli. For little bites of sweetness, the selections include Petite Orange Dacquoise and Pâtes de Fruit.



And because Mark is a gin lover, Bizu offers a Gin and Smile gin bar with fresh fruits that you can add to your glass for an extra fruity touch.


Vania Romoff’s Fresh and Fun Approach

From couture creations to ready-to-wear, there’s no doubt that Vania Romoff is one of the most in-demand couturiers today. Born to a family of fashion designers like her mother and grandmother, Vania’s love and passion for fashion blossomed as she grew up surrounded by clothes.



Vania’s Champagne Brunch menu for Bizu happens to be fresh and light-hearted, representing her brand and bridal collection to a tee. She stated that she wants brides to have loads of fun on their wedding day. And Vania had just as much fun creating this menu, because it was like she was planning her own wedding all over again.



Among the appetizers presented at the press launch, the Watermelon, Zucchini, Feta Cheese with Goji Berries is a mouthful of crunchy tartness, thanks to the acidity of the berries and juiciness of the watermelon.



Giving a play of textures and flavors is the Pea Panna Cotta with Mango Jelly and Crab Salad. The smooth and creamy panna cotta marries well with the tartness of the mango jelly at the bottom and the umami taste of the crab salad.


A crowd favorite, the Mini Eggs Benedict with Jamon Serrano and Parmesan Wafer is heaven in one bite, imparting a glorious saltiness and richness from the jamon Serrano and caviar.


A glass of bubbly Champagne Mimosa Jelly with Fresh Strawberries is a revitalizing treat for that light and refreshing buzz.

Vania’s healthy yet delectable Champagne Brunch menu also includes bite-sized Scallop Ceviche in Red Radish Cup; Smoked Trout in Wasabi Blini with Carrot Roulade; plus sweet canapés like Double Cheesecake with Fresh Blueberries and Strawberries. This menu won’t be complete without a glass of rosé wine or a Pear, Lemon, Pomelo Spritzer.


To learn more about Taste by Design, visit or the official Facebook page

Photos courtesy of Chris Clemente and Bizu Catering Studio