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15 Of The Most Exciting Father's Day Boxed Meals And Platters For Delivery

He'll love everything on this list

What are you serving Dad on Father's Day? If you haven't yet decided, let us help you. Dads love simple celebrations, with minimum fuss and a lot of really good food made with special care. A DIY sandwich kit that lets you make your own pastrami and reuben sandwiches? An extraordinary burger? Thinly sliced Japanese yakiniku with beer? A special Japanese bento box? Or an heirloom dish that will remind him of good times as a kid?

We've made it easy for you by listing down some of the best Father's Day specials available in town. Browse through our gallery below. 

The Chocolate Kiss Café Extends Last Day


The Chocolate Kiss Café Extends Last Day

Lead photo:  Mimi & Bros, Old Swiss Inn