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From Champorado Tuyo Donut To Award-Winning Creations: Our Favorite Desserts From Chef Miko Aspiras

It feels like it was only yesterday when Miko Aspiras joined and won his very first cheesecake competition at the De La Salle College of Saint Benilde, and now, he is already one of the most decorated pastry chefs in the country.

As one of the heads of the Tasteless Food Group and genius behind many concept restaurants, Chef Miko has really upped the game in terms of creating beautiful and top-notch desserts in the metro. From blockbuster concepts like Scout’s Honor and his various collaborations and specialties, to his award-winning creations that set the spotlight on the Philippines, Chef Miko has really made his mark in both the local and international pastry scene.

Here are some of our favorite desserts by the legendary chef who has just celebrated his 10th year in the industry.


Koba Akondro


From hundreds of entries around the world, this molded bonbon dessert brought Chef Miko to the semi-finals of the prestigious pastry competition Valrhona C3 2018. The Koba Akondro is a banana dulcey crème-filled praline with Malagasy cake, that’s casted in Manjari chocolate and set on top of a thin burnt white chocolate, caramelized peanut crouquant, and hand-dipped Salted Manjari chocolate ganache, topped off with an aguafaba-vanilla marshmallow and Valrhona chocolate.

What’s more interesting about this bonbon is that it was made in under 5 hours and 30 minutes, with 30 percent of it made from repurposed ingredients. Some of these repurposed ingredients include the soaking water used from canned white kidney beans, and Malagasy cake trimmings.


Red Velvet Inception cookie


The very first concept put up by Chef Miko and his partner Kristine Lotilla under the Tasteless Food Group is Scout’s Honor, first a small stall inside Hole in the Wall in Century Mall. After its success, Scout’s Honor finally opened a new branch in Vertis North, where they finally expanded their menu to include plated savory meals and create-your-own cookies.

Still one of our favorites from their cookie menu is the Red Velvet Inception cookie, which is like bringing the red velvety goodness of cupcakes into a cookie. It’s essentially a double chocolate fudge cookie dough with chocolates and cream cheese.


Philippine Mango petit gateau


In celebration of Independence Day, Chef Miko partnered with Diamond Hotel’s Corniche all-day buffet restaurant to bring an avante garde twist to usual Filipino desserts. One of the desserts that took the spotlight is a recreation of the Philippine mango by putting together some mango mousse, passionfruit gelee, Valrhona chocolate, and mango coulis, on top of a pate sucre.


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After a decade in the industry, Chef Miko has already become one of the most in-demand pastry chefs of his time. He says, “What I really want is to be influential in the food industry and that’s what I want to continue doing. I want to inspire people to become who they want to be. Not just in the food industry, but wherever you are.”


Deconstructed mango and salted egg tart


One of Chef Miko’s specialty is making breathtaking and beautiful desserts, including this mango and salted egg tart that looks more like a work of art than a dessert. For this ensemble, he’s put together a generous serving of mango gelato, salted egg cremeux, salted egg custard sauce, mango leather, pate sable, almond croquant.

For Chef Miko, beautiful and tasty desserts are enough to pick you up during a bad day. He says that his desserts are “about bringing joy to people in ways that they’ve never experiences before. For me, dessert is something that you can eat and can make you happy.”


Baked pancake soufflé


Soufflés are easily one of the most difficult desserts to nail. It takes extreme finesse and a high level of technical ability to make sure that each soufflé comes out fluffy and not saggy.

Le Petit Soufflé is a restaurant concept started by the Tasteless Food Group under Chef Miko, and their pancake soufflés are absolute heaven to eat. Each soufflé is baked upon order and are available in a variety of flavors like matcha, chocolate, and strawberry.


Carrot cheesecake


Is it a carrot cake or is it a cheesecake? Well, it’s essentially both! This dessert comes from Chef Miko’s love for cheesecake and is something to celebrate the opening of their new Workshop Bespoke Bakery at The Grid Food Hall in Power Plant Mall. The Workshop is essentially a standalone bakery that came from the Le Petit Soufflé concept, and offers more variations of their popular cheesecake and 17-layer cakes.

The Carrot cheesecake is a twist on the usual carrot cake, and marries the subtle creaminess of cream cheese and the bold savory punch of a carrot cake.


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Champorado and tuyo donut


Champorado and tuyo is probably one of Filipinos’ favorite breakfast pairings, the sweet creamy champorado perfectly contrasting the salty crunch tuyo. If you’re craving this for breakfast, why not check out Poison Coffee & Doughnuts’ newest Champorado tuyo donut?

This eccentric donut flavor is part of the brand’s three new breakfast donuts, the two other being the peanut butter and jam donut, and the maple and pecan donut. The Champorado tuyo donut is made of 65% dark chocolate, rice crisps, and dried fish.

Like all of Chef Miko’s desserts, this donut represents the chef’s creative and ever growing spirit. Chef Miko says, “I’m very very competitive, I think ’cause I’m a Leo so it comes naturally to me. I just apply that to everything I do and that somehow pushed me to do better everyday.



Get to know more about Chef Miko Aspiras and his various dessert creations on his At The Table episode, airing on Metro Channel, channel 52 on Sky Cable and channel 174 on HD. Catch premiere episodes on Mondays, 8:30 p.m., and replays throughout the week.