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6 Delicious New Takes On Favorite Filipino Dishes At Green Pastures

There is no thrill like the one of coming home, and in the 20 dishes comprising his brand new menu in Green Pastures, Chef Robby Goco does just that. This chef admired for his innovative thinking and his stellar dishes finally highlights Filipino cuisine. His richly varied and wonderfully delicious interpretations of our classic dishes easily demonstrate how Filipino cooking is in sync with his ethos of farm-to-table healthy eating. And, of course, how the techniques and innovations of a master chef can elevate a simple dish to new heights. This is not your mother’s home cooking, but rather masterful reinventions that celebrate familiar ingredients and flavors in wonderful new ways. Take your tastebuds out for a spin, and check out six of our favorites.


Jackfruit Kare Kare


This meatless kare kare boasts of splendid vegetables cooked with such tender care that they’re fit to compete with any meat. Fresh, still-crisp eggplant, tender fleshy jackfruit and delicately crunchy yard-long beans swim in an unctuous peanut sauce, with slivers of chopped peanuts to give satisfying crunch. Carnivores need to give this a chance—it won’t disappoint.


Sustainable Seafood Paella


Chef Robby works his magic on this brown rice paella, giving it amazing texture and intense flavor. With sustainably-sourced squid, clams, shrimp, and mussels, this is a great guilt-free dish. It’s so rich you might want to try this with a little white wine to balance things out.


Yellow Adobo


Taking inspiration from his heirloom family recipe, this version of adobong dilaw features cuts of pork and chicken braised in garlic, coconut vinegar, and turmeric. It’s so well cooked that it’s even delicious without the sauce. And you’ll love the free-range duck eggs carefully cooked for just five minutes to get just the right texture to offset. Served with a choice of basmati rice or garlic-quinoa-kale.


Shrimp and Sweet Potato Fritters


This beautifully plated rendition of okoy features hefty river shrimps fried in a batter with sweet potatoes and carrots. It’s crisp on the outside, nicely chewy on the inside, and well-balanced all throughout. The coconut vinegar and cilantro dipping sauce is seriously addicting.


Umami Bowl


Surprisingly hefty, this savory salad is packed with flavor, nutrition and texture—all the things that you want. Roasted mushroom and adlai are the stars, giving robust flavor and heft to the dish. With kale, roasted carrots, cauliflower, tofu and spicy sunflower sides in miso dressing, this is something we’d order for lunch on a busy weekday—easy to eat, healthy, and satisfyingly good.


GP Bibingka


Baked in a cazuela, this buttery bibingka is not like any bibingka we’ve had before. Slice through its golden top and you’ll find oozing layers of Bacolod cacciocavalo cheese and bits of salted duck egg. A rather heavy but unforgettable ending to your meal.


Green Pastures branches in Shangri-La Plaza, Eastwood Mall, Net Park Building BGC