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Fighting Bad Smell In Your Washroom

When it comes to business, image and branding have always been at the forefront to entice customers.

For establishments, significant investments are made with regard to facade and amenities whether you’re a hotel, retail shop or a restaurant.  But no matter how beautiful a place looks or sounds, how stylish or delicious the wares offered are, a single whiff of an unpleasant odor is enough to turn any customer away and complain about their experience. A prime source of bad smells is the washroom.

Every worthy establishment will have washrooms as part of their amenities to offer the best experience for their customers. Everyone has to relieve themselves or wash up at some point, whether you’re traveling and shopping, having a bite with friends, running errands, or passing away the time. According to Global F&B sector report by Added Value Ltd., 28% of people said that they will never return to unhygienic facilities and will affect the image and reputation of the brand, therefore driving customers away. 

For hotels and even retail businesses, anyone with notable experience in the industry would consider every guest’s comfort their utmost priority, leaving no detail overlooked, especially washrooms. The upkeep and maintenance concerns should cover smells and odors as these come undeniably with the passing of time especially when a number of people frequent your establishment.


There are few tips to prevent this malodor:

1. Check ventilation

2. Adjust flush settings to foot traffic

3. Clean walls and all exposed surfaces

4. Educate the users

5. Use effective disposal system 

6. Target bad smells with the right solution


Common practice involves masking the odor using natural ways like lemon or orange peels, scented candles and potpourri. Then, there are off the shelves products. But simply covering the smell will not address the issue and make your washroom smell fresh and clean. More often than not, the smell from these elements combine with the malodor creates even more unpleasant one. Not to mention fire hazard from scented candles and burner. It is imperative to use specially design odor control system that takes into account your washroom air flow and target space which requires a professional assessment. 

Professional assessment done by experts can also provide you with important insights like the sources of bad smell with recommendation on how to resolve it. With this holistic and integrated approach you will be able to address the bad smell and provide good customer experience all throughout their stay in your premises, ensuring repeat business and good image for your brand.

You can contact Initial Hygiene Philippines to request a free washroom assessment and trial for washroom scenting including integrated hygiene services. 

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