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The Food Court Concept Gets A Chic Upgrade With The Grid Food Market

Now on its soft opening at Rockwell Power Plant’s 2nd floor is The Grid Food Market. It’s located on the new wing of the mall; and this early on, it’s vouchsafed that you won’t find a more "sosi," glorified, upmarket food court in Metro Manila. A concept brought to fruition by Charles Paw and his group, he’s obviously taken the lessons learned from Hole in the Wall, and brought the game up several notches to make The Grid a virtual taster’s paradise.


The Grid is on soft opening yet it's already drawing raves.

So what are the keys to making a food court "sosi?" First, you take it out of the basement, where food courts in almost every mall are relegated to. Second, don’t call it a food court! Give it a hip name like The Grid, and to make sure people understand what it is, tag it as a food market. Which if you think about it is actually ironic, given how there was a time when "market" connoted something even lower than "Court"—in other words, decades ago, retail space developers actually used Court to distinguish an area as being more upscale than your regular Market. So life is a circle—what’s new?


The calm before the storm at The Grid

And what makes The Grid potentially the new "in," hip place to be seen eating and whiling away the hours? Rather than just basing the stalls on diversity of cuisine, the master key is how they’ve assembled all the hot names and stars of our local culinary firmament, and put them all in one place, dishing out their specialties and signature dishes. The attractive proposition being that if you come in as a group, each person in the group can enjoy his or her own favorite, or choice for that day, and still eat altogether in one table. So yes, it is the food court mentality, but with the stellar names who have subscribed to the vision, it’s food court heaven plus plus—or in other words, The Grid!


Not just dishing out great Spanish food, a chef for pick up

Josh Boutwood, the Rambla Boys, Robbie Goco, Bruce Ricketts’ La Chinesca, Miko Aspiras’ Workshop—and that’s only 50% of who are behind the stalls that comprise The Grid’s soft opening. The Lobster Rolls of Bun Appetit, the Thai-inspired TankChop, drinks, coffee, and libations courtesy of EDSA BDG; it’s like there’s no end to the number of heavyweight names and dishes one can find at The Grid. 



The three flavors of Chef Miko’s 17 layer cakes. Indulgence at the Workshop


Bun Appetit’s Lovester Lobster Roll


More from Chef Miko, and he got me at low carb!?

So step up to the plate, Grid; you’ve certainly got the All Star lineup!