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There’s A New Way To Party At Home—With A Mix-And-Match Menu Customized Just For You

Instead of being limited to a caterer’s set menus, why not gather your favorite restaurant dishes together all in one spread. That’s where Food Czar comes in

Imagine a caterer that offers “endless possibilities.” That’s exactly the proposition of new catering solutions company, Food Czar, the brainchild of Czarina Ledesma, Ferdi Salvador, and Eric Dee. As Ferdi was explaining to me, “What we’ve basically done is tie up with various restaurants around the metro so that party planners are able to order food from their favorite restaurants, and mix and match as they see fit…or to their client’s desire.” 

From left, Ferdi Salvador, Czarina Ledesma, and Eric Dee

For both the restaurants and the event organizers, Food Czar enters the picture to ease the process of planning, and via their tablescapes and tasteful organizing skills, make those occasions at home extra special. 

Themed tablescape courtesy of Food Czar

To make this proposition crystal clear, the “little” event held at the Ledesma residence became a showcase of just how Food Czar can achieve this for, say a party of some 24 people. The folks at Food Czar prepared a heady selection of food items from different restaurants, enticingly put together on serving boards, to create virtual buffet feast of favorites from different dining establishments.

Pritchon from Mesa

To kick off, Food Czar is presently affiliated with 24 eateries, including, in no particular order: Asakusa, Bench Cafe, Cerveseria, Ebi 10, Flatterie, the Foodhall, Holy Smokes, llaollao, Mangan, Mesa, Nokal, Oyster Boy, Pound#, Sunnies Cafe, Taste by Grace, TimHoWan, and Zong. That listing is enough to show you the diversity and richness of what’s now on offer via Food Czar.

Sushi rolls from Ebi 10
Chinese specialties from Tim Ho Wan

As it stands, Food Czar is an affiliation between The Events Architects and Eric Dee’s Foodee Global Concepts. To launch the service, there’s an introductory rate for catering packages with customized styling for 30 to 50 persons at 30% off, which comes out to P480 per person. And if your party exceeds 50 persons, the introductory rate further reduces the cost to P380 per person.

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