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Sweet And Savory Treats We're Craving This Week

Whether it's something delicious that can serve as a pick-me-up snack on a gloomy day or scrumptious spreads perfect for entertaining at home, here are all the tasty treats we've had recently (which we can't wait to try again!)

1. Chicken wings from Sunrise Bucket

What better way to lift your spirits up than eating delicious chicken wings 'til you're full? Have all the chicken wings you can eat and more with Sunrise Bucket’s 10th Anniversary treat⁠—buy a regular chicken wings set and get your next order for just P10! The promo also applies to other items, such as the Nachos Overload, Waffles Ice Cream, and more. Avail this treat until September 30—it's our idea of the perfect comfort food this rainy season.Mariel Abanes


2. Cadbury Dairy Milk Coffee

If you're a chocolate and coffee lover, then you’ll be delighted with Cadbury’s latest offering, because it combines the two in an addictive chocolate bar form! The smoothness and subtle kick of the Cadbury Dairy Milk Coffee is a great pick-me-up treat on a gloomy day. Even best buddies Rhian Ramos and Bianca King approve of this mouthwatering snack! What's interesting is that you get that coffee flavor even when it's actually caffeine-free! What a way to satisfy your craving for chocolate and coffee!—Mariel Abanes


Rhian Ramos and Bianca King enjoying the limited Cadbury Dairy Milk Coffee

3. FRNK Milk Bar

Cinnamon, glazed cornflakes, almond crumble, rich cocoa, natural matcha, toasty Houjicha, a selection of other Kyoto-sourced ingredients, and varieties of fresh, good-for-you milk that are as tasty as they are nutritious—where might you find all of these and more combined in delicious, lip-smacking recipes?


Nowhere else but FRNK Milk Bar, Isabelle Daza's newest food venture that brings Filipinos their very first authentic Japanese milk bar experience. 


Its menu consists of craft milk beverages, each with their own unique flavor profiles (a sweet-salty cereal cookie drink and a super secret Kokoa almond crumble cooler and spiced tea mix with basil drops concoction all in one place? Yes please!), and best of all customers can indulge in all of them with a "frank" (get it?) disclaimer on how many calories each order has to ensure that they're able to stick to their dietary requirements.


It's all part of the FRNK Milk Bar's promise to provide satisfying yet healthy selections; the "milk" in its name doesn't refer to just traditional dairy milk, after all, and gives diners the option to have almond milk, brown rice milk, or coconut milk as bases for their drinks instead. 


Its first branch is located in Glorietta 3, Makati; it's an attractive establishment washed in striking pinks and blues that also previews the Instagram-worthy looks of each of their beverages. Just as Isabelle looks on point wherever, whenever, FRNK Milk Bar's drinks are too, both visually, and to the palate! Their second branch is in Bonifacio High Street, and soon, they'll open one in TriNoma.—Sara de los Reyes

Isabelle Daza and her Frozen Cereal Miruku from FRNK Milk Bar
FRNK Milk Bar in Bonifacio High Street


4. Taste Australia Citrus

Aussie oranges easily add a bright flavor to many dishes. Be it eaten as is, infused with water, juiced, mixed with cocktails, or added to our food, the result is always good and zesty. That’s exactly what we at Metro.Style got a taste of at the recently-concluded launch of Taste Australia Citrus at Hilton Manila.


“The Philippines is one of Australia’s top ten export markets for Navel oranges, with over 5,000 tonnes exported every year,” says Dianne Phan, head of Trade of Hort Innovation Australia. “This is the second year of the Taste Australia campaign running in the Philippines, we are really pleased to share our Navel oranges with Filipino consumers.”


Different food infused with Australian oranges were served at the event, all obtained from good quality crops that are at their best until October. “Australian oranges are lovingly and carefully grown and we are proud to share Australia’s best produce with Filipinos,” Citrus Australia’s market access manager David Daniels declares. “We encourage consumers to taste this vibrant fruit at the major supermarket chains across Manila. Oranges aren’t just for snacking: their versatility means they can be added to your savoury and sweet recipes.”—Brooke Villanueva


Chef Dennis Leslie, Hilton Manila's executive chef

5. Tapas and cocktails courtesy of The Maya Kitchen and Chef Noel dela Rama

Entertaining at home is big these days. And there's never a shortage of ideas when it comes to the theme for an intimate party. Now, here's something to consider the next time you're throwing a party at home: tapas and cocktails. It's not new, really, but the preparation and the presentation behind all of it could spell all the difference. 

To show new and exciting ways of serving tapas and cocktails, New York-based private chef Noel dela Rama was recently in Manila for a class held at The Maya Kitchen. For a few hours, the students learned how to pair tapas and cocktails and create their own tapas menu. They created frittata, small plates/sides, and sangriasimple recipes that will definitely impress guests! Check out The Maya Kitchen for more fun and exciting culinary classes that will help make you a better hostess.—Grace Libero-Cruz

Chef Noel dela Rama | Photo by Butchie Peña
Metro.Style art director Butchie Peña participated at Chef Noel dela Rama's class at The Maya Kitchen

6. Weihenstephan beer with a variety of homemade sausages from The German Club Manila's Oktoberfest at Solaire

"Guests will receive an overflowing selection of Germany’s best tastes and flavors, surrounded by the finest Filipino hospitality,” says Michael Dinges, Solaire's Vice President of Culinary, promising everyone a truly authentic and epic Oktoberfest experience. The Solaire x German Club Manila Oktoberfest will take place on October 17 to 19 at the Tent in Solaire. 

Recently, members of the media were given a delicious sneak peek of this year's Oktoberfest, transforming Solaire's The Forum into a venue that brought the look and feel of Munich, Germany to Manila. Following a record-breaking partnership last year, the upcoming Oktoberfest is expected to be more dynamic and vibrant, covering all aspects that will make the celebration of this tradition one for the books.  

Michael adds, “The German Club Manila’s Oktoberfest here at Solaire underscores authenticity. From the Weihenstephan beer, entertainment by the Bavarian Sound Express, to the homemade German sausages and delicacies from family recipes, all have their roots from Germany."

More delectable treats await those who will  attend the 81st Oktoberfest: Bavarian delicacies; a variety of sausages like the Weisswurst; an assortment of meats such as pork schnitzel, Swabian red bratwurst, Kaesekrainer and veal sausages; classic desserts like the apple and walnut strudel with vanilla sauce and ice cream; and Kaiserschmarn, a dish made of shredded rum raisin pancakes with berry compote and vanilla sauce.

Buy your tickets for this year’s much awaited and most authentic Oktoberfest celebration in Manila. For more information and ticket reservations, you may call the German Club at 894 2899 or 818 4236 or book online at—Alex Cruz

Homemade Sausage Sampler
Classic Strudel and Kaiserschmarrn
German Cold Cuts and Cheese Platter

7. Apéritif's Ooey Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie

This cookie absolutely lives up to its name. Soft and chocolatey, it satisfies one's cookie craving in just a few bites. Bigger and fluffier than other cookies in the market, this sweet offering from Apéritif retails at P180 per piece. Aside from the taste, what's also notable, as with the other Apéritif products, is the luxurious packaging.  It's a great gift idea for the upcoming holiday season! 

It's available in boxes of 4, 6, and 12. It's available everyday in their SM Aura branch or you may order online at They also deliver within Metro Manila.

The Ooey Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie also comes in nibblers, which is priced at P180 per cone or P600 for a box of 30 pieces.—Grace Libero-Cruz