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Enjoying Freshwater Clams Cooked Three-Ways On A Floating Cottage In Lake Danao

Ever heard of tab? It’s a kind of freshwater clam that you can only find on Lake Danao in Ormoc, Leyte. And Sandy Daza visits Ormoc City for Food Prints to get a taste of these.

Lake Danao is a guitar-shaped lake located in Ormoc that supplies potable water to at least seven towns in Eastern Leyte. Like the Taal Lake, Lake Danao was made from a volcanic explosion produced by the Philippine Fault.

But more than its functional use, Lake Danao Natural Park has become a destination to locals and tourists looking for some relaxation, water activities, or good food. The lake park is great for relaxation and chilling around because it’s actually cooler up there than the city center. This is because the lake is 650 meters above sea level.



And speaking of food, Tab is one of the local delicacies of Lake Danao. The name is derived from the word “tabang,” as opposed to saltwater shells. When going to Lake Danao, you can bring your own food for a picnic or rent a floating cottage and have food cooked for you.



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Sandy decides to sample their specialty, Tab cooked three-ways: Crispy Tab, Breaded Tab, and Sisig Tab.

Crispy Tab is essentially freshwater clams that are fried to crispiness. To start off the preparation, the tabs are thoroughly rinsed and cleaned in running water to remove the mud that may have seeped in. Sandy says that the key to making Crispy Tab or crispy anything is to simmer it first to let all the liquid evaporate. Water is the greatest enemy of making crispy food.



Breaded Tab is another variety of Crispy Tab, where the clams are coated in crispy breading and served with a mayonnaise-ketchup dip.



But the highlight of the food trip is the Sisig Tab, a favorite among locals and tourists alike. This dish is where the true texture and flavor of the Tab shine. The sisig is chewy to the bite, just like regular clam, and is spicy and salty like our favorite sisig dish.



Enjoy these Tab dishes with a side of Ormoc’s sweet queen pineapples and fresh buko, lounge around, and take the day off. You deserve it.


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