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The New Manhattan-Inspired Menu At Flatiron 1771 Caters To All Appetites—From Rich And Indulgent To Keto Friendly

The Flatiron 1771 Bar


Inspired by New York City’s iconic Flatiron Building in Manhattan, Flatiron 1771 Restaurant and Bar aims to give the Philippine market a taste of the New York dining scene. Their new offerings give customers hearty meals, diet friendly dishes, delectable desserts, and signature original cocktails that they can enjoy daily during happy hour.


The Cosmo and Sunburn cocktails


If you’re looking for a drink, try the cool, refreshing and unique blend of the Sunburn cocktail. It may seem like a regular glass of iced tea, but don’t be deceived by its innocent look. This drink packs a mix of bourbon, Scotch single malt, grapefruit juice, and pineapple syrup. Take one sip and feel the immediate rush of the sweetness from the pineapple, followed by the oaky and caramel notes of bourbon. Then it surprises you with a spicy kick at the end because of the secret ingredient—Tabasco. The Cosmo, on the other hand, tastes and smells like a treat. Flatiron 1771’s take on the classic cocktail is made with vodka, Cherry Heering, cranberry syrup, lemon juice, and egg white. 


Big Apple


Christopher Street


The Border


Wall Street


Aside from the wine, beer and classic cocktail selections, other noteworthy drinks include the Big Apple which is a blend of Scotch, reduced apple juice, lemon juice, simple syrup, a dash of nutmeg, and cinnamon. The tea-infused gin cocktail named Christopher Street is a mix of Earl Grey tea-infused gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and soda water. The Border is composed of tequila, watermelon water, lime juice, and agave syrup, while the Wall Street is an all-business mix of bourbon, coffee-infused rosso vermouth, and some chocolate bitter.


Potato Skin Platter – Tuna, Smoked Salmon and Bravo or pulled beef brisket


Flatiron 1771’s new small plate offerings are ideal for pairing with drinks, but they’re also good on their own. Must-try items include the Potato Skin Platter which includes three takes on the namesake ingredient—tuna sautéed with onions, garlic, celery, and green bell pepper topped with cheese, sour cream, and bacon; the pinkish Smoked Salmon topped with sour cream, cheese, spring onions; and Bravo or the pulled beef brisket, crowned with cheese, sour cream, bacon bits, and spring onions.


Chicken Lollipops


Baked Mussels


Chorizo and Cheddar Croquetas


Chicken Keto Agliata


For diet conscious diners, Flatiron 1771 serves up some good-for-you grub that isn’t just salad and veggies. The keto-friendly Chicken Keto Agliata consists of boneless chicken leg, spread with garlic paste under the skin, grilled until the skin is browned, with a generous side of romaine lettuce, roasted tomatoes, and a one-of-a-kind creamed zucchini. You can savor the smoky flavor from the grilled chicken strips, the crunchy lettuce paired with sweet balsamic dressing, and the sweet milky strips of zucchini. This dish won’t make you feel like you’ve foregone your carbs!


Truffle Carbonara with Chicken Skin Crackling


Fish Piccata


Flatiron 1771 makes sure that your pasta cravings are satisfied from classic to innovative, indulgent to light. Aside from best-selling favorites like Chicken Fusilli Pesto, you can try the Fish Piccata, a seafood variation of their popular Chicken Piccata. This light, zesty, and buttery pasta dish is made with thinly sliced buttery fish fillet seasoned with lemon, coated with bread crumbs and fried in butter until golden brown, then drizzled with lemon butter sauce, with a side of creamed spaghetti topped with cheese. The Flatiron 1771 original and very indulgent Truffle Carbonara with Chicken Cracklings can serve as a treat after that stressful work week. This luxurious reincarnated carbonara pasta gives out a creamy, cheesy, salty crunch from the chicken skin with a whiff of strong white truffle oil and a hint of pepper and freshness from the shredded basil leaves.  


Prime Rib Steak with Toasted Fat served with chimichurri, blue cheese butter, and bois boudran sauces


The specialty of the house is a thick U.S. Choice Certified Angus Beef bone-in steak, seared with its toasted bits of fat, and served with crisped potatoes. Sizzling on a plate, the steak is large enough for sharing, good enough to enjoy on its own or with any of the accompanying sauces—chimichurri, blue cheese butter, and the mustard-flavored bois boudran.


Intense Brownie Burger


There’s always room for dessert, especially if it’s the Intense Brownie Burger consisting of coffee ice cream sandwiched between two Swiss chocolate fudge brownies, and set on a cream cheese sauce mirror drizzled with chocolate espresso and toffee sauces, and topped with toffee shards. This indulgent dessert that wakes up the child in you boasts a play of texture and temperature, from the thick, warm, and chewy brownies, to the cold ice cream combined with crunchy toffee.


Light, heavy, or indulgent, Flatiron 1771 Restaurant and Bar aims to deliver and satisfy your cravings.


G/F Uptown Mall, 9th Avenue corner 36th Street, Bonifacio Global City,