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Fundador Chooses To “UnTito” Their Well-loved Brandy Range By Opening Fundador Café

How can Spain’s largest brand of export brandy reinvent itself in a country where millennials are leading the market demographic?  When you want to get to know someone or catch up on life the all-too familiar invite “Let’s get coffee” is pretty much the default phrase to extend.  As a result local distributors of Fundador brandy, siblings Kevin Tan (Megaworld first Vice President) and Kendrick Tan (Emperador, Inc. Executive Director) have expressed the need to widen the horizons for brandy distribution and consumption in order to tap younger markets.  The Fundador Café has just opened at Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hill in Taguig.  It is an 18-and up shop but is primarily directed towards the millennial market.


Getting together with friends at a pub slash café bar setup is a unique way to enjoy happy hour.


Getting together with friends at a pub slash café bar setup is a unique way to enjoy happy hour.


“There’s always been an impression that brandy is an old person’s drink,” Kendrick Tan explains further,  “If you really want to say pang ‘Tito’ there’s a specific drink and it’s right over there (points at Harvey’s Bristol Cream which is a rich, full-bodied sherry dessert wine). We’re trying to make these products very hip again, we’re trying to find new ways to revitalize.”



“What we’ve decided to do is get different applications in which we can use these products so that they’ll attract the young people.  This has been the problem with the Spanish brandy and sherry industry for a long time.”



Here at the Fundador Café what you basically will be served at is a cocktail setup.  For now, it isn’t like the many existing coffee shops locally where you can most certainly sit and dine but has a slightly European pub-inspired vibe.  They have confirmed though that seating will be a welcome addition to the café real soon.




Kevin Tan expounded more on the essence behind Fundador and where they’d like to take their brand in light of how society has evolved “We want people to understand the story behind the brand and we feel that this store can do that.  We wanted to present it in a way that’s more up to date by adding the bakery and the coffee shop and the cocktail bar just to make it more relevant for our customers today.” 


Fundador products by the bottle are available for purchase at the café and they’ve made ordering take-out food from the bakery an easy choice.




Chilly, brain-freeze inducing blended drinks like Matcha Light with Fundador are made to order over the counter, as well as your not-so-usual hot and cold sips; for hot options they have spiked coffee, like Fundador Exclusivo laced Café Exclusivo, and expresso hit lattes given a bit of a kick with Fundador Gold Reserve.  For tea lovers there’s the Salted Double Caramel that contains black tea spiked with Fundador Light.

They don’t stop at drinks either, how ‘bout a bite of one of their Fundador Café cupcakes injected or spiked with the Harvey’s Bristol Cream sherry?  These are available in 4 yummy flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana, and the near-namesake cupcake, Sherry Butter. 





We actually like the well-rounded flavor of the Sherry Butter cupcake, and it happens to be a nice accompaniment to one of their iced summer drinks like their Light Iced Tea spiked with Fundador Light.  Try their Harvey’s Gelato Ice Cream if you want a break from the onslaught of summer heat.  Upon hopping over to the Fundador Café when you have a glance at their menu, you just might be in the mood for a delicious midday pick-me-up or early and sweet buzz.