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Get A Little Frisson Of Pleasure When You Visit Cowrie Grill

You get a little frisson of pleasure when you first visit Cowrie Grill, the elegant dining outlet by The Manila Hotel, which reopened its doors last year at a new address in Greenhills. Set foot within its doors and you are immediately enveloped in an atmosphere of cozy luxury that invites you to sink into a comfortable chair and lose yourself in the gastronomic treasures on offer. 

This is old-fashioned fine dining at its best, so we suggest you take a little care in selecting and savoring your meal.  You might begin, for instance, with Fresh Mushroom Cappuccino, a delightfully velvety warm soup that’s slightly peppery with an earthy flavor that comes from freshly harvested mushrooms, and served with herb flatbread croutons. Follow this up with your choice of main—we recommend the Roast US Angus Prime Rib, a magnificent slab cooked according to your preference and served with three kinds of sauce (chili peppercorn, Béarnaise and mushroom gravy) with a side of grilled vegetables and potato gratin. And then, for dessert, a Baked Alaska that is flambéed tableside—such dramatic service, by the way, is typical at this restaurant. 

The original Cowrie Grill opened its doors in 1977 as The Manila Hotel’s signature restaurant. In time, it became iconic as one of the city’s oldest establishments for fine service. For over 20 years, to dine at Cowrie Grill was always an elegant, sophisticated experience until, in 2011, the restaurant closed its doors to give way to Café Ilang Ilang. Finally, in 2013, Cowrie Grill was relaunched in its new location in Greenhills. 

The new Cowrie Grill retains much of the character of the old restaurant, including the iconic cowrie shells that decorate it, the dramatic lighting and even the flamboyant tableside service—even the Maitre’D Caesar Salad is made from scratch in front of you, right down to the vinaigrette. It’s a throwback to the days when dining out was an exercise in elegance and civility. You will enjoy how this philosophy is expressed in even the smallest things, an attention to detail that spell the differrence between a good time and an unforgettable one. 

Photography by Paul del Rosario

G/F Promenade 3, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan, (02) 463-1993