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Get Your Fried Chicken Fix And More At Brand New BGC Hotspot, Mimi & Bros.

You’d think we don’t need yet another place serving fried chicken, ribs, and burgers.
After all, they’re among the most popular menu items on most any “American comfort food”-type restaurant. But the just-opened Mimi & Bros. is one new American-style eatery that is definitely worth checking out—even just for what may very well be one of the best fried chicken in town!

Mimi & Bros. is a cheerful spot in a highly visible corner location in Crossroads along 32nrd Street. You walk inside and the first thing you’ll spot is a giant marquee reading “HAPPY” atop the bar. And happy you’ll likely be at this open air-style restaurant with lots of greenery sprouting from the walls and even the ceiling. With its sidewalk location, the restaurant becomes a de facto al fresco spot after 5 pm when the sliding doors are opened wide, and the inside spills out to the wide sidewalk area.

Who are Mimi & Bros? “Mimi” happens to be Mica Tan, a full-time CEO of a private equity group while “Bros.” are her older brothers who are well known for throwing great parties at home. So, Mica and her brothers simply took that home party vibe to Mimi & Bros. Mica says, “This time, I get to party with my brothers in a setting that is actually inspired by our roofdeck veranda, where all of those parties took place.”


Mimi’s Fried Chicken


The main attraction, in my opinion, has to be Mimi’s Fried Chicken. Chef-partner Edward Bugia (of Pino, Pipino, BRGR: The Burger Project, Backyard Kitchen + Brew, and Pi: Breakfast & Pies fame) recounted the countless trials he did to get this chicken just right—perfectly crispy battered skin with brined-till-tender chicken meat. Seriously, it’s worth ordering a whole chicken. The fried chicken also comes in quarter and half sizes, paired with rice and sides. You can also enjoy it in sandwich form with a chicken chop as big as one’s hand, on a Caesar Salad, or even as buffalo wings tossed in mango jalapeño sauce.


BBQ Pork Ribs


The menu may be fairly straightforward with standard dishes that any “bro” would enjoy. But what Chef Ed does is provide flavor options that add a lot more excitement to what is a fairly basic menu. Pork chops are crusted with chicharon for a double dose of pork goodness. BBQ Pork Ribs come in Classic, Smokey, and Rootbeer variants. They can also be served as a sandwich or even as bits added to the BBQ Pork Ribs Bits Carbonara. The Bros Burger is made with 70% beef and 30% bacon no less. And the BBQ Beef Shortribs are deliciously slow cooked for six hours, and served with your choice of three sides (for example, dirty rice, corn pudding, kimchi slaw) and three sauces. Choose any one of Mimi & Bros. signature sauces—Bastard BBQ, Rootbeer BBQ, Kimchi Mayo, Hot Honey, Cilantro Sour Cream, Cilantro Mayo, Mango Jalapeno, and the House Blend Hottie—which actually go well with most of the dishes on the menu.


Chicharon-Crusted Pork Chops


6-Hour BBQ Beef Shortribs


To complete the experience, the bar offers a wide range of cocktails, from classics like a Gin and Tonic or an Old Fashioned, to signature drinks with intriguing names like Havana Ooh Nana or The Bros. Cuban Cigar made with dark rum and homemade tobacco syrup with a hint of chocolate. Craft and local beers on tap are also available.


Signature cocktails


With its relaxed outdoor vibe and party-style menu, Mimi & Bros. becomes a welcome sanctuary from work, whether you go for a quick lunch or a relaxed after-work dinner with drinks.

Crossroads, 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, IG @mimi_and_bros or Facebook /mimi&bros