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LOOK: Where To Get Rich, Dense, Elegant Olive Oil Cakes

This is the perfect dessert to herald the chilly pre-Christmas season

Even the most passionate lover of butter will find it hard to resist Gourmei's line of Olive Oil Cakes, with their lovely, moist richness and subtle nutty flavors. Delicately adorned with autumn blooms, these are the perfect cakes to mark the subtle shift to the chilly season. And in elegant flavors, too.

An olive oil cake is made with olive oil, instead of butter — and is a favorite in Mediterranean kitchens, where it is considered a homemade delicacy. Extra virgin olive oil gives superior moisture to the cake, and a final brush of olive oil just before serving can bring its fruity, bright flavors to the front of your palate. Lemon or orange zest is often added, because these flavors play well with the grassy bright flavors of the olives. This is a tender, citrusy cake that is definitely not inferior to cakes made with butter! 

Gourmei's olive oil cakes come in several variants, including a Classic Olive Oil Cake in Lemon Swiss Meringue, a Les Xocolat with Dark Chocolate Frosting (gluten-free), and a sophisticated Rosewater and Strawberry Cake

Lovely, moist and dense, these cakes are perfect with coffee or a glass of wine. 

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