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Gourmet Corner's Bettina Osmeña’s Ultimate Food List

It's always interesting and exciting to learn about a culinary queen's food picks. As experts themselves, they're bound to give you only the best of the best suggestions! 

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This time, we have Bettina Osmeña of Gourmet Corner in the spotlight. Known for the delicious homecooked meals she delivers to homes around the metro, Bettina is a firm believer in using only the finest ingredients to cook up her signature dishes. Compromising or using sub-par substitutes is a strict no-no, while she's also not a big fan of rushing the cooking process. Great food like hers requires lots of TLC — in terms of time, ingredients, and presentation, too. 

See what she has to suggest for best restaurants and caterers around town you can try out for yourself — including her own creations, of course!


Which specialty dishes are always a crowd-pleaser?

  • Mushroom Canneloni
  • Roast Beef
  • Porchetta
  • Lately I have been setting up grazing tables and have been doing pintxos bars, too.

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What are your top five go-to desserts?

  • From Mrs. Yulo: Strawberry Shortcake, Coffee Crunch Cake, and Turtle Pie
  • From Mara de la Rama: Crepe Gateau
  • From Gay Vasquez: Macadamia Sans Rival

Mara de la Rama's Crepe Gateau as featued on Dessert Comes First


What's a regional delicacy you regularly order when entertaining?

  • Japanese, for international fare
  • Ilonggo, for local regional food


Kuretake as featued on Philippine Primer 


Which restaurants do you recommend for dinner with friends?

  • Donosti
  • M Fine Dining
  • Mamou
  • 210
  • Lusso
  • Kuretake


Mamou, as featured on Philippine Primer