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When Breakfast Is Served In A Beautiful Glasshouse

In the short span of time since harlan + holden Rockwell Glasshouse opened earlier this year, it has become the go-to spot for a leisurely meal or afternoon snack for Rockwell’s residents and habitués. They come for the airy interiors, the attention to stylish detail, and the wake-you-up coffee and comfort food.

These days, they have even more reason to visit this house of glass sitting pretty just outside Power Plant Mall, as it now offers breakfast daily starting at 7 am. For many, it’s the most important (and filling) meal of the day, so it makes sense to do it right. At harlan + holden, doing it right means extending its successful “Healthy Mondays” program to breakfast. And healthy starts with the housemade kombucha. In orange + ginger and strawberry flavors, this fermented tea drink is served in champagne flutes, filled with natural probiotics to boost the immune system and detox the body—and it’s the perfect prelude to the morning meal.


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The breakfast menu offers lots of healthy, fiber-rich dishes, starting with the Healthy Monday’s Granola Clusters made with roasted pecans and walnuts, soy-buttermilk rolled oats, chia and flax seeds, sweetened with coconut caramel sugar, and served with almond milk. One can also choose the Grain Muesli with almond milk topped with sunflower seeds and almond slivers, or a crunchy Granola with Greek Yogurt and Berries.


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From healthy to hearty, it’s not breakfast without rice options, in this case, a choice of Homemade Corned Beef or Fried Portuguese Sardines in a bowl filled with sautéed red rice, crispy sunny side up egg, and a side of veggies. For those looking for a more Western-style breakfast, there are Buckwheat Lemon Pancakes with blueberries and ricotta cream or French Toast with Country Sausage, served with maple pancake syrup and whipped butter.


Egg lovers will go for the Olive Oil Fried Egg with crunchy smashed potatoes, sautéed kale with lemon sauce, caramelized onions, and seared chorizo. For those looking for something truly sweet and indulgent, then it has to be the Nutella with Salt Flakes on Brioche Toast for that perfect combo of sweet, chocolatey, buttery, and salty. But no matter the dish, the chefs at harlan + holden make everything in house, using premium ingredients and no short cuts.



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Breakfast isn’t breakfast without coffee, and harlan + holden has always been proud of its brews, using custom blends with beans sourced from Sumatra, Brazil, and Columbia to offer a full menu of espresso drinks like cortado, cappuccino, americano, mocha, latté.

harlan + holden Rockwell Glasshouse aspires to be a simple neighborhood restaurant for those who make Rockwell a part of their daily lives. But even the simple and quotidian can be beautiful in what you see, what you feel, what you taste. And so, a sip of sour-sweet kombucha from a champagne flute, a spoonful of crunchy granola, a bite into fluffy buckwheat pancakes, and a hot cup of coffee can be deliciously satisfying ways to live life simply and well.


harlan + holden Rockwell Glasshouse, Rockwell Center, Makati City; Instagram @harlanholdendine