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9 of Our Tastiest Finds at the Phil Harvest Meets Sabores de España Market—Until March 18 Only!

Philippine Harvest is back at Central Square and it only keeps getting better—and tastier.

The Department of Agriculture together with Central Square and the SSI Group, Inc. have brought the

best indigenous products from around the country, and a wide range of comida from España. From wine and jamón ibérico to locally made vinegars and jams, find yourself immersed in a fusion of taste and spirit, and delight in the goodness of Philippine and Spanish delicacies.

Here are our top 9 exclusive picks at the Philippine Harvest Meets Sabores de España market that will make you want to scream maravilloso!


Sulu Originals Mangosteen Jam


The perfect mixture of sweet and tangy, this little bottle of goodness is organically made from Mindanao’s southern belle, Sulu.


Quescrem CreamCheese

From Spain, a small tub of creamy happiness is what Quescrem is all about. Choose cream cheese or mascarpone in a variety of flavors—with blue cheese or olives, all organic and lactose-free, they have it. Spread it on toast, bite into its rich, aromatic flavor, and you’re off to cheese heaven!


Ormocana Chips


The pride of the Visayas, these flavored chips play a special role in the rehabilitation of the victims of Typhoon Yolanda in Leyte. After the typhoon left Leyte devastated, Warays found a way to rebuild their livelihood by setting up an organization that provides savory treats like Squid Rings, Cheese Rings, and Taco Chips


Hida Homemade Sauces

Especially made for those who want both convenience and quality, Hida Homemade Sauces are perfect to mix into your pastas. This Spanish brand pays homage to traditional Italian pasta sauces, like its bestsellers, the classic Bolognese and the Tuna Bolognese.


Spanish Wines from Origine

Origine offers a wide selection of wines from Spain that go from fruity to earthy. Depending on your mood, their master sommeliers will help you decide which one is perfect for you. They also have French cheeses to pair with your vino—indeed a sorpresa perfecta!


Ereñeta-Manaloto Chorizo de Bacolod

Meat lovers rejoice! Bacolod’s beloved all-natural, chemical-free chorizo has found its way to Manila. Whether recado or hamonado, this chorizo is perfect with your arroz frito.


Jamón Serrano from Barcino

Packed with flavor and melts in your mouth—the most fitting way to describe this classic ham from Spain. Pair it with a glass of Beronia Crianza to make the most out of this Spanish taste experience.


Auro Chocolate

Auro Chocolate is a collection of fine 100% Philippine chocolate bars using cacao sustainably sourced from Davao. Not only of excellent quality, this local brand also provides our local cacao farmers the opportunity to improve their standard of living.


Milka Krem Pastillas de Leche

From Nueva Ecija, Milka Krem produces pastillas de leche, our version of milk candy, using fresh local buffalo milk. The result is absolute creamy pleasure with every bite. You can’t leave Central Square without taking home a box.



All these treasures and much more can be found at Philippine Harvest Meets Sabores de España this weekend, March 17 to 18. Find your way to Central Square on 5th Avenue and 30th Street in BGC and take home some of the best Filipino and Spanish products.