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How Donna Cruz-Larrazabal Bonds With Her Kids Without A Gadget In Sight

Remember playing hours of hopscotch and patintero in your backyard with visiting cousins from the province? Yes, that was fun—until tablets and smart phones happened.

Sure, gadgets can be entertaining for today’s kids. They get to play loads of games and watch hundreds of videos without having to sweat under the sun, but in so doing, they may lose out on enriching experiences that don’t involve a black screen.

During Ajinomoto’s Crispy Fry Play Day last February 24 at the Trampoline Park in Greenfield District, celebrity mom and singer Donna Cruz-Larrazabal shared her good, old tricks on how to have fun with her kids minus the gadgets.


Travelling is always a good idea.

Long holiday or summer breaks are great opportunities to bond with the family. With the kids’ busy school schedule, Donna and husband Yong make use of these breaks to go someplace where they can delight in the simple joys of just being together without distraction from electronic devices. They shared these photos from a recent family trip to Hawaii during the Christmas break.





Watch movies together.

Lucky for the Larrazabals, one wing of their condominium unit is directly connected to the mall which gives them easy access to cinemas and restaurants. On weekends, they watch movies together and head straight to their favorite restaurant after.



My baby's constant date.??????

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Movie date with my Babygirl! #fatherandaughter #larrazabals @donnacruzyl

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If you have the talent (or even if you don’t), jam with your kids.

Gio, the youngest in the brood, shares his mom’s passion for singing. Since their house in Cebu is equipped with a music studio, Donna and Gio found an excuse to stay there all day and jam to their favorite tunes.



Find a sport you like and train together.

In the case of Donna’s family, it’s running. Whenever the kids have a competition in school or when Donna and Yong are gearing up for a marathon, they all train together, enduring long hours at the stadium. It means a lot to be in a family with the same fitness goals, and exercising together is a great bonding alternative for everyone.




Let the kids help in creating fun and exciting dishes. 

The kitchen does wonders. If you’re into cooking like Donna, this could be the ultimate bonding experience for you and your kids. The kids are always in for a treat whenever Donna prepares her chicken fingers recipe. She has a way of making it far from boring by adding flavors like Crispy Fry’s Smokey Barbecue, Savory Seaweed, and Donna’s favorite, Parmesan Cheese. Aside from being really mouth-watering, her chicken fingers are so easy to prepare—just fry, put the chicken and the flavor in the bag, shake, shake, shake and voila! You’ve got special chicken fingers ready to be enjoyed by your little ones.


Donna Cruz-Larrazabal with her youngest son, Gio


There are countless ways to bond with the kids without needing to grab a tablet, smartphone, or laptop. We just have to be creative and show the younger generation how we used to do it back in the day.