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How To Unleash Your Inner Pancake Artist

Often topped with butter, fruits, and maple syrup, pancakes will always be a favorite breakfast staple. However, you don’t have to enjoy them fluffy and round every single time because there’s a way to transform them into wonderful works of art.

Take some inspiration from Internet cooking sensation Elle Jay Orbase. Known as the Pancake Warrior, Elle Jay’s YouTube videos are a marriage of his passions: cooking and art. Using hotcake mix, a griddle pan, a few easy squeeze ketchup bottles, and a lot of imagination, Elle Jay’s edible artworks have garnered him over 110,000 subscribers and more than 16 million views.  Elle Jay states that he has always used Maya Hotcake Mix because it’s easy to prepare and has a consistent texture.

You don’t have to have Vincent Van Gogh-level art skills to create awesome looking pancakes, but the very act of creating them can serve as a bonding experience for the whole family. Here’s Elle Jay’s step-by-step process to bringing out the Pancake Warrior in you:


The materials that you will be needing


Before you start, decide what you’d like to draw. Draw it first on paper, adding the colors you want. This will serve as your guide during the pancake making process. At the beginning, keep your drawings fairly simple. As you get better, you can try to create more complex drawings.



Prepare the pancake batter according to package instructions. But make sure that your batter is not too thick to clog up the squeeze bottle, nor too thin that it’ll spread on the griddle and not keep its shape.



Divide the pancake batter among several easy squeeze bottles with fine tips, depending on how many colors you’ll need. Mix in food coloring to achieve the color and shade of your liking.


Apply a bit of canola oil on the griddle so your creations won’t stick



Spread a bit of canola oil on the pan or griddle. Wipe it around the entire surface with a paper towel or napkin so that your pancake drawings don’t stick to the pan. Be mindful that the electric stove should be turned off while doing this step. It’s best to use cooking oil because butter tends to get a burnt color when heated for too long.




Once your pan is oiled, first create the outline of your drawing using the easy squeeze bottles. This should also be done while the electric stove is still off so you don’t burn your drawings and yourself. After you’ve done the outline, fill in all the empty spaces and thin parts with more of the batter so it’s easy to flip over the pancake later on.


You can turn on the stove once you’re done with your work of art



Once you’re done drawing and filling in all the empty spaces, turn on the stove and watch your pancake creation come to life. It’s best to use an electric stove or griddle, rather than a gas range, so you can adjust the temperature to the lowest setting. Make sure the pancake doesn’t stick to the pan by loosening up the edges with a very thin spatula that’s also been oiled.


Bubbles on the pancake


Once you see bubbles appearing on the pancake, that’s the sign that you can flip it over. Make sure you’re using an oiled thin spatula to make the pancake flipping flawless.


It’s always rewarding to witness the finished product.


This pancake is too pretty to eat


It’s best to start simple and practice until you’ve perfected your pancake artistry. According to the Pancake Warrior, his favorite moment is always the look of excitement on kids’ faces when he serves them the pancake versions of their favorite shapes and cartoon characters.

These pancakes are a fun way to bond with your family and friends in the kitchen. To take your breakfast and snacks to a whole new level, make pancake art by using Maya’s Fluffy n’ Tasty or Quick n’ Easy Hotcake Mix.


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Photos by Deiniel Cuvin